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    Here’s How To Type  On Your Mac, iPhone And iPad

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    For some weird reason, Apple fanatics (myself included) go on searching for the Apple logo on their iOS or Mac devices. Well, you won’t find it on the standard keyboard or special characters or in the outer space (trust me I tried!). Apple seemingly does not care enough to feed our obsession with its classy, minimalistic logo and thus, refuses to provide us with an easily accessible character option in iOS Keyboard. I mean for all the fan following it has garnered, the half-eaten apple deserves a place in the Emoji Keyboard at least. Don’t you think?

    Second that? Great! And if that wasn’t enough to fuel your rage and obsession, get this! Cook changed his name to “Tim Apple Logo ” on Twitter after Trump ‘accidentally’ called him Tim Apple. The guy is just rubbing it in our faces! And, that’s why we took matters into our own hands! If Apple won’t give us the logo in the keyboard, we’ll type it out of it! Here’s how:

    Typing  on Macs

    Cracked your fingers and all? Coz this is how you do it!

    Simpler Option

    Just hit option+shift+K and up pops the logo, just like typing any other character.  Cool, isn’t it?

    Cooler Option

    Now, if this method is too easy for you, here’s a slightly more complicated one – Text Replacement Shortcut. Plus, if you plan on flaunting the Apple logo often, the text replacement trick is probably the best choice for you.

    • Go to System Preferences > Keyboard, and click the Text tab
    • Then, click the + button to add create a new text replacement
    • Add a cool word like ‘HiddenLogo’ and add  as the replacement text

    And If you’re smart and set up your iCloud sync, then, the Text Replacement you just made on your Mac will work on your iPhone and iPad too.

    For those of you wondering what just happened, lemme break it down for you.

    Keyboard shortcuts are often used to replace a short phrase with a longer one. For instance, @@@ can be used to type your whole email address. Or, in this case, you can use something as preposterous as and replace it with  the symbol. So the next time you type alogo, it will automatically be replaced by the  symbol on your Apple device.

    Next up, iOS devices

    Here’s how you can set up Text Replacement on iOS

    • Open up ‘Settings’ on your iOS device.
    • Go to General → Keyboard → Text Replacement
    • Tap the + in the top right corner
    • Repeat the procedure explained above for Mac on your iPhone and iPad. And you are all set!

    Now that you’ll be able to use the  wherever and whenever you like, here’s a piece of advice. For the sake of Apple Inc and the Internet, use your newfound powers wisely and sparingly. JK! We say go !

    Happy Typing!

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