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Read receipts on Mac

Now, Enable Read Receipts On Mac As Well!

All those who’ve come across cowardly people who aren’t courageous enough to ignore others on their faces, raise your hands. All of you? Tell me about it! But if you are one of those rare breeds of gutsy iPhone owners who don’t give a flying eff about read receipts and all that, here’s the good news for you. You can now ignore texts from pesky people on all three Apple devices – iPhone, iPad, and now, on Mac too!

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iCloud Storage

iCloud Storage, For One and All

The Free 5GB iCloud storage that Apple gives with every device is just not enough for you? Your photos, videos, songs collections don’t fit in the mini storage of expensive Apple device. Guess what there’s another deal for you to pay for! Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present you… iCloud storage. *drum roll* 

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GIF wallpapers

How to Jazz Up Your iPhone Wallpaper in a GIF-fy

It’s 2019, and honestly, no one has time for old fashioned wallpapers anymore! And why would you want a boring old photo when you could have your iPhone wallpaper showcase the wonders of GIFs? Just imagine turning on your iPhones screen and being greeted by a beautiful gif of Captain America walking away from you! Okay, okay, taking the ‘turning on’ part a little less literally, you could have a dog chasing his tail on an endless loop, icing dripping down a cake, a snippet from your favorite movie, or ANYTHING else! The iPhone screen could literally be your oyster, and here’s how.

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Add Relationship to Macbook

How to Add ‘Relationships’ to Your Mac Contacts

Sitting in front of your Mac and ordering Siri to, “Call Dad” or “Call Rahul” (Rahul, your boss, not that random ‘naam to suna hi hoga‘ fellow you met five years ago) should work like magic, right? In your dream world, it will! But in the real world, Siri will do a double take, questioning, “Who’s Dad?” or “Which Rahul did you mean?” I mean, our long list of confusing Mac contacts can be quite confusing – even for Siri.

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Add email attachment on iPhone and iPad

How to Add an Email Attachment on iPhone and iPad

Back in the early-man days, the only way to add an email attachment on your iPhone and iPad was to dive deep into the depths of forever, find the one piece of information you wish to attach, use the share sheet, type in the recipient’s address, subject line, mail body and hit send. Phew! Lemme catch my breath! But what if you had to attach one more meme? Coz one is never enough! Imagine going through the same, tedious process of finding that one meme in the sea of cat videos and what not! Let’s just say, those were tough times! *shudders*

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Autofill option on Safari

Password Autofill on Safari Aka a Life Saver

Imagine this – the new iPhone has just gone on sale, and you cannot wait to get your hands on it. You’ve been putting away a portion of your salary for this all year just like your dad asked you to do. Well, he wanted you to put it away in a savings account for when you’re old and bald, but hey, this is a good cause too! And anyway, this has meant a year of cup noodles for dinner and self-imposed dry months. Basically, you’ve earned that iPhone.

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Mac wallpaper

Mac Wallpapers: Fall in Love With the Default Designs

There are two kinds of people – those who change their wallpapers as soon as they lay their hands on their devices, and then there are those who are too lazy to care. I mean, who doesn’t change their devices’ wallpaper from the default to a custom one, right? And then lightning strikes, thunder roars, and I remember. Not everyone has four blocks of different colours or a simple blue sky with a green hill. There are those who’ve had the privilege of browsing through the default Mac wallpapers.

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