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    ‘iPhone 6S’ Is The Most Searched Phrase On Google In 2015

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Dec 14, 2015

    Every year in December, Google releases its “Year in Search” results. For the data-mongers amongst us, this is the Holy Grail. It’s an insight into how the world behaved over the whole year – what we searched for, what we wanted to know, and what captured our attention!And while it is fascinating to look at all these trends, we are more concerned about how Apple performed. Apple did grab a lot of headlines this year, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it led the searches under “Consumer Tech” category.

    iPhone 6S headed the pack with Samsung Galaxy S6 following behind at second place. Apple bagged two more places in the top ten: Apple Watch at number three and iPad Pro at number four. Microsoft just about made it to the elite list with the Surface Pro 4 at number 10.

    What is interesting to see is that in Indian search results, the iPhone 6S, coming in second, loses out to Yu Yureka! What’s more curious is that that’s the only appearance Apple makes in the India top-ten. Lenovo and Micromax dominate the scene, claiming three spots each.

    It’s clear that Apple really has a long way to go before it’s able to capture Indian hearts. The recent trend of offering massive price cuts in the older iPhones is a healthy sign and shows promise for the future of the tech giant here. Fingers crossed!

    Source: Google Trends

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