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    The Feud Between Blue and Green Bubbles Continues

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    Apple’s lack of RCS support for iPhone users has been really bothering Google for a while now. And they just don’t seem to be able to let it go! In yet another not-so-subtle dig at the Google I/O event, the company complained about the fact that iMessage still won’t talk to Android the way they want.

    Apparently, iPhone privacy measures are not up to the standard as far as messaging is concerned and need to be upgraded to RCS (Rich Communication Services), which improves text messaging with support for encryption, read receipts, etc. I mean, iPhone users have already been enjoying these features for a decade now — with iMessage!

    Let me ask you this, Google: Why can’t you accept that Apple won’t be compromising the exclusivity that iMessage offers? It’s a huge marketing win for them, after all. As for many iPhone users like me, we don’t really want to enter your world of green bubbles. (Or care about it; iMessage really isn’t that big of a thing outside the US, let’s be honest.)

    And if non-iPhone users really need to relish the goodies of Apple’s messaging service, they could get an iPhone, no? (JK, let’s just stick to our WhatsApp chats for now, Android friends!)

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