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    cleaning your apple products

    Apple Warns: Don’t Use Hydrogen Peroxide for Cleaning Your Apple Products

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    Kshitija Agrawal
    Kshitija Agrawal Jul 24, 2021

    Before deciding to write about this, I wondered if Apple’s exclusion of hydrogen peroxide for cleaning your Apple products was significant enough that anyone would even care to read. Then I realised that we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, everyone suddenly cares about hygiene, and only last year, I wrote an article when washing your iPhones was becoming popular. (Was that really just last year? It feels like ages ago, wow.)

    Of course, another huge factor was when my friend told me she used disinfectant to clean her iPhone after she came home from the outside world. Now, I don’t know which exact disinfectant she used, but as soon as I heard the news I knew I had to take responsibility and get the word out.

    If you, like many, use disinfectants or sanitisers to clean your devices, then please check if they contain hydrogen peroxide before use.

    No, Hydrogen Peroxide Is Not Appropriate Screen Cleaner Liquid

    “I’ve heard hydrogen peroxide is great for cleaning!”

    Well, yeah, but for your home, not fragile devices. And especially not devices that are as expensive as Apple products.

    But if you need a concrete reason why, it’s because Apple themselves recently said so. In their support document for cleaning your Apple products, the company recently updated their section for disinfecting Apple products:

    Using a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe, 75 percent ethyl alcohol wipe, or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, you may gently wipe the hard, nonporous surfaces of your Apple product, such as the display, keyboard, or other exterior surfaces. Don’t use products containing bleach or hydrogen peroxide. Avoid getting moisture in any opening, and don’t submerge your Apple product in any cleaning agents. Don’t use on fabric or leather surfaces.

    Now, if you’re one of those people who hate reading or listening to the official instructions, you might ignore this, but hey, don’t say I didn’t warn you (looking at you, Dad!)

    Another thing: Although Apple says it’s okay to use cleaner wipes, the solvents in wipes can cause damage to the oleophobic coating of your display. So keep that in mind before you overdo it. Anyway, what do you use to clean your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple devices? Tell us in the comments.

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