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    Smashed Your iPhone on a Sidewalk? Apple’s Got Your Back

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Jun 30, 2021

    Starting next week, Apple has planned to launch its Independent Repair Provider program in India. The iPhone maker had founded the same program in the US and Canada in 2019. India is now among 200 other countries that get the repair provider program. According to the program, individual repair centres will have access to Apple’s genuine parts, training, and resources.

    Users of older, out-of-warranty devices can get their Apple products repaired at any participating independent repair centre instead of having to visit an Apple Authorized service centre. Unfortunately, third-party repair centres will not handle warranty claims, so you will have to visit an authorized repair centre in such a case.

    The Independent Repair Provider’s main focus is to tackle common issues like broken screens or cracked back panels. All participating centres will have access to free training programs, genuine parts, and diagnostics across the country.

    To join the program, all small service businesses need to do is commit to having an Apple-certified technician. Also, qualified service centres can purchase genuine Apple parts and tools at the same price as AASPs. Apple claims the process to partner for the Independent Repair Provider program in India is simple and free of charge.

    Finally, right? Indian fans are finally getting somewhere!


    1. Bhavik H Shah says:

      Do we have Independent repair center in India ?
      If so . Pls help with city and state list

      1. Varun Bhatia says:

        Hi Bhavik. We don’t have repair centers of our own.

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