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    iOS 13 Introduced with Dark Mode and Many More Features!

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    Team Applesutra
    Team Applesutra Jun 4, 2019

    The wait is over! Apple has finally unvield the new iPhone opearing system – iOS 13. And yes, it has embraced the dark side!

    Apple spent a large chunk of this year’s keynote presentation talking about the swanky iOS 13. And why wouldn’t they? After all, it wouldn’t be WWDC without a brand new iOS. Amirite or amirite!

    What’s New

    Several features like I predicted, such as the dark mode, were right on the money. (I shall take your money now) But this year’s iOS 13 is a lot more than just dark mode. Yeah, yeah I can hear the gasps!  But other features are worth some of that drool too! I promise.

    On the performance front, Apple brought them big guns out. Here’s a preview. The Facial Recognition feature is now 30 percent faster, downloads from the App Store will be 50 percent smaller (Hallelujah!), and updates will now be 60 percent smaller. Oh, I almost forgot! Apple claims that the App launch speed is now twice as fast in the new iOS 13.

    Dark Mode For All

    Yes, you may all get excited and run around like crazy for a few seconds!

    All settled in? Great, let’s start.

    Dark mode, one of the most noticeable and expected iOS updates is a light-on-dark color scheme that saves battery, is easier on the eyes, looks aesthetic AF, and is currently on top in vogue.

    The dark mode on iOS 13 has welcomed core iOS apps like the calendar, music, photos, wallpaper, widgets, Apple News, Notes, Messages, Maps and of course the lock screen to the dark side. Apple might not be first, but it sure makes up for the delay by looking pretty.

    At the conference, Apple said that it is rolling out dark mode for “easier night viewing” and we will be given the freedom to either set a specific timer for the dark mode to take over or just wing it manually.

    Maps Got A Makeover

    Not sure how it helps us Indians but Apple Maps has been “rebuilt” from the ground up, collecting land and aerial data across the US. Good for the US! Here’s some more not so exciting news! The “rebuilt” map app will be rolling out to none other than the US by the end of 2019, and the rest of the world can keep waiting!

    Need some salt to rub on that burn? Apple added a new ‘Binoculars’ button that gives the user a ‘Street View’-style ‘Look Around window’. So, basically, you’ll be getting a 3D view of the location while you check the place out in real life.

    Superior Siri Found A Better Voice

    Last year, Siri got Shortcuts, this year Siri got a voice makeover, amongst other things!

    Now, instead of actors recording the clips, the AI’s voice is generated using neural text to speech software.

    Why? Well, according to Apple, Siri’s voice is supposed to sound more natural and less robotic than before. But based on the on-stage demo, It still sounded pretty robotic, but it sure was an improvement than the iOS 12 version of Siri.

    As far as the Shortcuts app is concerned, Siri has a new and detailed Shortcuts app for users who want to set up instructional strings for Siri to obey. The app will present you with an itemized list of every shortcut you’ve ever made, just in case you’re the kind of person who loves shortcuts.

    For AirPod users, Siri can now read the incoming messages to you from the Messages app or any third-party app using SiriKit. There’s also a new one-tap Audio Sharing feature and a Hand-Off function to switch between HomePods and AirPod, using NFC. Not sure how it’s gonna help you but hey, worth a try!

    A Smarter Photos App

    The Photos app was amongst the ones that got the bigger overhauls at WWDC 2019.

    You now get the ‘portrait lighting’ controls that’ll give you that porcelain skin and bright eyes you’ve been begging the skin Gods for! (Only in the pictures of course!)

    Aside from that, photo editing now comes with new whims, and fancies like a slider for highlights, shadows, contrast, saturation, auto enhance, etc. You know what’s even better? Editing tools like filters, rotation, crop, noise reduction, tint, and more are now coming to videos.  Yup, you can finally rotate videos!

    And to save you and your phone from drowning in the myriad of double chin Selfies, Photos app can now kill duplicates. That is not all. This magical app can also declutter pics of receipts, Screenshots, and what not making your gallery visually pleasing and easy for you to scroll through your snaps in days, months, and years.

    Improved iMessage, Mail and Notes

    The previewed iMessage now grants you with an option to choose who you share your name and photo with when you send messages.

    Apple went ‘bohot hard, bohot hard’ on Memoji this year, adding new make-up and accessory personalization options to it.  So, your iPhone will also generate a bunch of messaging stickers with your Memoji. In case that’s something you were into, they’ll be available on all devices with an A9 chip or later.

    Moving on, mail app now comes with new text formatting controls, including support for rich formats. Notes App gets a brand new gallery view, view-only collaboration, and improved search and better folder management. God knows how much I needed it!

    Swipe While You Type

    Apple came up with this new thing called the Swiftkey-style swipe keyboard named as the ‘QuickPath’. Such innovation, much wow! For those who are wondering where did that big scoop of sarcasm come from, well, Android loyalists have been living that swiping their keyboards to type life for years! And now Apple decides to let you trace a word to spell it out? Now!

    Ahem… Sorry for that mini outburst…

    Anyway, in theory, the keyboard is faster and almost as accurate as pecking away at the virtual keyboard. Worried about your bad grammar and spellings? Well, the new keyboard takes care of that too! The feature is particularly helpful for one-handed typing but not while you are driving!

    Sign In With Apple

    Anyone who wants to get rid of Facebook (Coz, duh! Major privacy concerns!) was blessed with good news at WWDC 2019. Apple flaunted a new “Sign in with Apple” feature for iOS 13. This feature allows you to use your Face ID to log into an app instead of using Google or Facebook. Good riddance, Mr. Zuckerberg!

    There’s also a neat-looking ‘Hide My Email’ feature that well, hides your emails during sign-ups. The feature will create a unique and random email id that will reroute the info to your real account, if you aren’t the one to share your personal details!

    Alright, folks, that’s it on the feature front. Next up, Compatibility Match!

    Bad news first! If you’re still rocking an iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, it’s time for an update as your hopes of installing the swanky new iOS 13 went up in smoke! Don’t know what just happened? Let me put it plainly – Apple won’t support the latest version of the iOS on your aging phones. *Evil Grin* Need a min or two?

    For others, your wait for the new iOS will end in September, when Apple finally launches the iOS 13

    Update (Sep 19): iOS 13 is now available. You can download it on your iPhone by going to Settings > General > Software Update

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