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    Not the iPad Air 3, It’ll be a Smaller iPad Pro

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    Varun Bhatia
    Varun Bhatia Mar 4, 2016

    Contrary to popular expectations, this March event by Apple will not be seeing a new iPad Air. Instead, we’ll get to look a brand new 9.7 inch iPad Pro!!

    The new Pro version of Apple’s tablet is likely to have similar specs as the larger iPad Pro, with the exception that it might get a RAM upgrade. And yes, before you ask, it will support Apple Pencil.

    Reports are also suggesting that Apple is developing a smaller Smart Keyboard to fit this new 9.7 inch design. The quad stereo speakers that adorn the 12.9 inch model are also expected to be on this one.

    With regard to looks, the smaller iPad Pro will be offered in the same colours are the larger Pro, i.e., Space Gray, Silver and Gold. It is also expected to offer similar storage options as before — 32 GB and 128 GB for the wifi-only model, and 128 GB for the cellular-wifi model.

    While this is no doubt great news for the more professionally inclined amongst us, it is also a welcome news for the others. A same spec sheet but on a smaller model size means the new iPad Pro will be more affordable to the likes of students or budding artists.

    We would like to clarify that the pricing is still not out, so we cannot tell you exactly by how much the new iPad Pro will save. However, it is safe to assume that it will be somewhere in the same price bracket as the iPad Air 2.

    It is interesting to note that just like the MacBook Pros, that are available in 15-inch and 13-inch variations, the iPad Pros will also be available in two distinct sizes, 12.9 inch and 9.7 inch. This is further proof of Apple targeting the “professional” category with its Pro products while leaving the rest to amateurs.

    Sources are also suggesting that with this launch, Apple will discontinue the iPad Air and the iPad mini 2. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because Apple is always looking to simplify things and the iPad line-up right now is way too haphazard for Apple’s taste.

    And we’re with Apple on this one. The iPad Air 3 would have been more sellable, but the iPad Pro is definitely more exciting. With the boundaries between a laptop and a tablet (both in terms of looks and functionality) shrinking fast, it will be enlightening to watch how much of an impact these tactics by Apple will have.

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