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iPad IndiaThe iPad is a confusing product. While some wonder if it can actually replace a PC, others are contemplating if it’s the product of their dreams! it’s all about what use you can extract from the device. Of course, the iPad does come with two accessories that can increase its productivity — the Pencil and the Smart Keyboard.

New Releases and Competition

Irrespective of how you want to use it, there’s little doubt that these are troubling times for the iPad as Microsoft Surface is taking the world by storm. In a recent survey, it even beat the former in terms of customer satisfaction!

Apple’s only hope seems to be the new, completely redesigned batch of iPads that are soon to be launched. Question is, will they be enough?

Disorganised Line-up

The current line-up of iPads in the market is, frankly, all over the place. That’s one of the reasons why sales are performing below their capacity — because people are roaming around wondering if they should buy an iPad Pro or iPad Air 2?

Worse, their naming systems are so messed up that it compounds the problem!! Some of the older models even suffer from a small battery life.

Good news from India

Despite global problems, India continues to be a source of solace for Apple. It entered the list of top 5 tablet manufacturers in India this year. The iPad Pro, with an entry level price tag of Rs 67,900, is a bit pricey for India, but it’s still doing its job of bringing in the numbers.

Deals and Discounts

As with the iPhone, the iPad in India is also seeing a slew of “rate-benefits”. A recent combo deal offered upto INR 28,900 off on buying the two together. The iPad also saw a bump in the specs, without a relative change in price, making it, effectively, a discount.

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