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    iPhone 13 Pro Max camera

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera Follows Apple Watch’s Footsteps Into Health Uses

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    Prerona Dekaphukan
    Prerona Dekaphukan Oct 7, 2021

    I’ve got a story to tell about the iPhone 13 Pro Max camera. But before, some context: Listen, I go bananas if I ever have to go to a doctor’s. I’d do anything to spare myself that I-feel-sick feeling, signature medical odour, sitting with other patients, and of course, needles. Needless to say, I am big on online medical consultations. You book an appointment, spill your troubles to the doc, receive a diagnosis and prescription, and order in your medicines, all while comfortably staying in your pyjamas. 

    Why am I telling you all this? Because there’s usually a fly in the ointment — not all ailments can be accurately detected in an online consult. Some body parts would simply not reveal their issues in front of a phone camera. Well, that was until now…

    When a Doctor Uses iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera for Eye Check-ups

    Enter the iPhone 13 Pro and its camera unit with a 6x optical zoom range on its telephoto lens and macro camera mode.

    Ophthalmologist Tommy Korn has recently put the camera to very good use. The innovative doctor uses his fancy new 13 Pro Max camera for eye checkups, taking images in macro camera mode, observing and recording the details precisely.

    Optometrist Jeffrey Lewis concurs with Dr. Korn that the macro camera mode can become quite useful in propelling remote patient care and telemedicine into newer heights.

    Thank you, Apple, you are once again proved to be a saviour. And the beauty of it is that you achieved this without even adding a new lens to the iPhone 13 Pro camera for macro shots, as was previously necessary. With the macro mode, the camera automatically switches from the wide to the ultrawide camera when it gets too close to the subject.

    I, for one, am full of hope that other doctors will follow suit so that in my next unfortunate encounter with bad health, I can simply pick up my iPhone 13 Pro Max camera, capture as many photos as needed, and send them to the good doctors to identify whatever is wrong with me. Ah, technology, it sure is miraculous.

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