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    The WEIRD Problem with the iPhone 6 Camera & How to Fix it

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    iPhone 6 and 6 Plus can rightfully boast of having the best smartphone camera (till iPhone 6S is launched in couple of months). Whoever isn’t convinced needs to take a look at Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ campaign gallery. Both photo and video capabilities of the iPhone 6 camera are equally impressive; its slow motion videos look especially stunning. But this near perfect camera has a strange flaw, a flaw that can drive you crazy.

    To be fair, the issue isn’t with the camera itself, it’s in the software. As you may know, iPhone 6 allows you to shoot slow motion videos at 120fps or 240fps. Once you have shot the video (by selecting the slo-mo option from camera menu), you can easily edit it right on your phone. All this works super smooth. The problem comes when you try to export this video to your Mac (or PC). The video gets exported alright but loses the slo-mo effect. It plays like a normal video. Freaky! isn’t it?

    Without getting into boring technicalities, the simple explanation for this is that the video is actually shot at normal speed; it’s just played in slow motion on the iPhone. When it’s exported, the slow mo effect is deleted.

    We don’t know about you, but not being to showcase those amazing slow mo videos on our laptops’ big screens drove us crazy. We tried everything – from emailing the video to sharing it over Dropbox. Most experiments didn’t work. Those that did were too tedious to use regularly. Finally, we stumbled upon a free app that sorted out the mess with surprising simplicity.

    This life saving app is called TruSlowMo. All you need to do is open the recorded slow motion video in this app, make some basic edits (if you want to) and click ‘Done’ to save a copy of video. You can now share or export this new video without losing the slow motion effect. There is an in-app upgrade option that adds functionalities, like changing the stop point of slow motion effect. For most people though, the basic free version will suffice.

    Bonus Tip: TruSlowMo can even convert a normal video to slow motion! But then there is an apparent quality loss. The best use of this app is as a sharing tool.

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