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    Apple’s Got a Good (or Bad) News for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Users

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    Kshitija Agrawal
    Kshitija Agrawal Nov 11, 2019

    As an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus user, if you’ve been facing issues with turning on your phone, take heart in knowing that you’re not alone! Apple recently announced that there was a bad component in these two models, which has led to a lot of users experiencing this common problem.

    To address this issue, Apple has opened a free repair program for users to get their phones fixed. However, since this issue is isolated to handsets manufactured between October 2018 to August 2019, not every iPhone 6S or 6S Plus is eligible for this program.

    So, here’s the important question: How do you know if your handset is eligible for free repair?

    Well, you can either take it straight to an Apple-authorized service provider or do the smart thing: Go online. Check out Apple’s support page, enter your phone’s serial number, and see if your phone qualifies for the program. (To see your phone’s serial number, access your phone’s Settings → General → About.)

    Once you see you’re eligible, head to an authorized service provider and get your phone repaired for free! But be warned; if you bought your phone from outside India, you might face a problem getting your phone fixed. The program only allows free repair in the country you bought it from.

    And don’t worry if you’ve already got your phone fixed by paying for a repair. Apple is offering to refund the amount you paid, so make sure you contact them.

    We still don’t know which component has caused this issue, as Apple hasn’t seen fit to inform its users, but we’re grateful that they’re at least addressing it. And don’t forget to back up your device to avoid any unwanted loss of data. We wouldn’t want you to lose the 3471 selfies you have of yourself, right?

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