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    Here We Go! Apple Confirms iPhone 8 Launch Event for 12 September at Steve Jobs Theater

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    Varun Bhatia
    Varun Bhatia Sep 1, 2017

    It’s official folks! Apple has sent out the invites for the September 12th keynote event. It’s an open secret that the highlight of the event will be the all new iPhone model, tentatively named iPhone 8. What makes this keynote even more special is that will be the very first event at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple’s new campus.

    iPhone 8

    The rumours about the iPhone 8 (or whatever Apple ends up calling this new model) had started within weeks of the iPhone 7 launch. Now that they are just a couple of weeks away from the announcement, everything from the design to the key features are more or less confirmed. Edge-to-edge display, 3D camera, wireless charging, and new colours are the most anticipated additions to this 10th anniversary iPhone. If you wish to revisit all the iPhone 8 related news of the last few months then click here to visit the iPhone 8 page on our website.

    Other Likely Announcements

    Along with the flagship model, Apple is expected to unveil the updated versions of the iPhone 7 series – iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. As the name suggests, these will be incremental upgrades rather than a major overhaul.

    There are also very strong rumours about the release of the next generation Apple Watch 3, which might finally bring cellular support to the Watch series. Not much is known about the other upcoming updates but enthusiasts are hoping for improved battery life at least.

    A 4K Apple TV is also on the menu. We have been hearing lots of news about Apple bringing 4K content to iTunes. If that were to happen, a supporting Apple TV is a must have for Apple.

    And of course, we will also get the release dates for iOS 11 and all the other operating systems that are currently in the final stages of developer and public beta.

    What About India?

    Last year, iPhone 7 was released in India within a month of the US launch. We would hope for the trend to continue but are little less optimistic considering the repeated news about the imminent supply shortage of iPhone 8 at launch.

    Regarding the price, we recently reported that the starting price of iPhone 8 in India will be around Rs. 75,000. That’s much higher than the Rs. 60,000 launch price of iPhone 7.

    We can’t wait to meet the new iPhone 8. Even if half of the rumoured features make the cut, it will be a big update. But will be it worth the exorbitant pricing? Umm … Not sure! What do you think?

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