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    iPhone Thieves Identified Because of Selfie Stupidity

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    This is perhaps the funniest and the stupidest thing we have read in a long long time!

    A post containing group selfies clicked by a gang of imbeciles (read: iPhone thieves) has gone viral on Facebook. Not only this, the silly photos have been shared more than 100,000 times since being posted by the phone’s rightful owner, Kelly Jones.

    Turns out, her two iPhones, camera, wallet and other valuables were stolen when she was visiting Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio on August 14. Jones, a resident of Pennsylvania, forgot her bag on the bench, only to find it missing after she went back to the park to get it.

    But the story doesn’t end here. Jones filed a complaint with the local Cedar Point Police who, by the way, were able to recover her ‘empty’ bag. As luck would have it, it was only when Jones returned home and browsed through her iCloud did she see photographs of the ‘thieves’ who had stolen her iPhone.

    Snaps of the youngsters raising their middle fingers at the camera, doing the crazy ‘duck face’ pouts and striking weird poses were all over Jones’ iCloud! Taking matters in her own hands, she posted the photos on her personal Facebook page for the entire world to see their buffoonery! As expected, the post was grabbed and shared with great gusto by the FB community and it’s not going to be too long before the miscreants get nabbed!

    Who knew selfies could be so dangerous, right? For that matter, who knew thieves could be so dumb? Sheesh!

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