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iPhone X, Apple’s First All-Screen Smartphone, Comes With Its Share Of Problems

iPhone X

The super premium iPhone X has been out in the market for just two weeks. Since the much-hyped launch, Apple’s latest flagship has been rife with problems. The issues in the device have the users wondering whether iPhone X was worth the hefty price tag? In case you are facing any of these problems with your shiny new iPhone X, here’s a list of fixes you can try for few of the common issues:

Green Lines On the iPhone X Display

A random green line or a patch appears on the brand new 5.8-inch OLED display. Few frustrated iPhone X owners “lovingly” dubbed it as the “Green Line Of Death”, a befitting moniker, since it appeared just a week into iPhone X’s lifecycle.

Sadly the only fix we can recommend for this problem is a device replacement. Not much of a fix, we know but, since the issue is with the OLED panel, a software update won’t work.

iPhone X’s Screen Freezing Cold Weather

Another issue that users complained was freezing of their iPhone X’s display as soon as they stepped out in the cold. The screen became unresponsive and inaccurate in cold weather. One of the users suggested locking and unlocking the screen as a temporary fix.  But those looking for a more permanent solution, Apple has acknowledged the problem and promised a fix along with the iOS 11.2 update.

iPhone X Activation Problem

If your heart didn’t leap out of mouth earlier, it will now. During the launch weekend, multiple users complained of not being able to activate their newly bought iPhone X. Needless to say, frustrated users took to Twitter to express their disappointment.

The error most likely occurred due to the additional server load on Apple’s server and has been resolved. If you are amongst the unlucky ones still facing the issues, give it a few tries as it seems to work just fine after few attempts.

Face ID Not Working

Imagine suddenly your Rupees 1 lac iPhone X refuses to recognise you. Yeah, well some people did more than just imagining, they lived this nightmare. A miscellaneous glitch affected Apple’s much-hyped facial recognition feature of the device. Well, lucky for you, we did some digging and if your iPhone X Face ID has been playing a spoilsport, here’s what you can do.

•    Turn Off/On Face ID on iPhone X
•    Reset Face ID on iPhone X
•    Rest All Settings on iPhone X
•    Update iOS on iPhone X

‘Crackling’ Or Buzzing Sound From Front-Facing Speaker at High Volumes

Users on Reddit and Twitter reported a bug that made crackling noise from the newly launched flagship’s front-facing speaker at maximum volumes.  The buzzing noise is reported to be persistent irrespective of the audio played. The fix? Well, Apple is collecting and replacing the affected devices free of cost.

Just a few weeks after the launch and iPhone X already seems to have multiple teething troubles. The issues also serve as a reminder that even “futuristic phones” have their share of early glitches. So until Apple irons out the kinks, we vow to scour the web and offer the best possible fixes for such glitches.

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