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    iPhone 8 Facial Recognition, aka Face ID, Might Support Third Party Apps

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Aug 16, 2017

    In a recent post, we’d discussed how Apple’s new iPhone 8 Facial Recognition tech is code named “Pearl.” Well, newer code reveals that the official name for it will be Face ID, and that it’ll support third party apps!
    AppleInsider reports —

    “Code uncovered in recently leaked HomePod firmware suggests the facial recognition system rumoured to debut in Apple’s “iPhone 8″ will support payments, combined biometric security and include hooks for third-party apps.”

    It was discovered by an “ethical hacker” called Guilherme Rambo, who posted screenshots of the code that hints at this new discovery.

    Here’s the official tweet by Rambo:

    This is a huge step by Apple, who haven’t been able to bring any meaningful new tech to the fore since the 3D Touch.

    Of course, all this talk about Face ID being a full replacement to Touch ID is only increasing our anticipation for it. And now there’s talk of multiple apps supporting it right out of the box! This certainly makes the new tech all the more interesting. According to CultofMac, this is how it could find real life applications —

    “Face ID, codenamed Pearl inside Apple, will also support third-party apps, so you’ll be able to login to your bank, PayPal, and apps like 1Password. What’s more, Rambo has found code that suggests we’ll be able to register multiple faces, so other people can access your device.”

    We are not very sure of multiple users, though. Because Apple is not a company that takes user security likely, therefore, it’s unlikely that Apple will allow multiple faces to unlock it. Of course, the other side of the argument is that Apple did allow multiple fingerprints to unlock the phones. But then, a person can have 10 fingerprints, but only one face! Hence, Face ID might be accessible by one person alone!

    Ther’s also talk of Face ID supporting night vision. How else do you expect your iPhone to unlock in the dark!??

    These rumours, along with a bunch of others,  is making us perspire with anticipation for the new iPhone. We just can’t wait for September to come soon enough!

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