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    Meet macOS Mojave: The New Operating System for Your MacBook

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    Team Applesutra
    Team Applesutra Jun 9, 2018

    At the recent WWDC 2018, Apple announced that the Mac operating system is getting one hell of a facelift, including a new name for the latest version: macOS Mojave. Unsurprisingly, Apple ditched its mountain – themed names (high sierra) and moved on to desserts.

    Now, the first feature Apple flaunted was a system-wide ‘Dark Mode’ (Thank the lord!) which applies across the OS to change the menu and UI colours to shades of black and grey. Because there is no such thing as too black!

    On the privacy/ security front, Apple unveiled their privacy-centric features that reduce websites’ ability to track you. Craig Federighi from Apple, throwing not-so-subtle shade on Facebook, elaborated on how the latest version of Safari will prevent comment and like buttons, like the ones used by Facebook, from tracing us. Put water on that burn!

    The Mac App Store also went through a total redesign. New tabs like Create, Work, Play and Develop will now lead you to apps that meet your requirement. For instance, the Discover tab has a synopsis of specific apps, and app pages now display ratings and reviews front and centre.

    Then there is Stacks, a new feature that allows you to sort your desktop into well… stacks based on type or date. So the next time you take one too many screenshots, they don’t have to swarm your screen.
    Apple also gave us a glimpse of something called “Continuity Camera”. This feature lets you click pictures on your phone and add them to the apps you’re working on your Mac. (Cat pictures, here I come!)

    But when it came to the long-rumoured linking of the macOS and iOS, all that Apple gave us was a big ass NO! For now, the two OSs will stay separate but tease us a little; Apple said that in 2019, developers would get access to bring iOS apps to the Mac, beginning with a handful of Apple apps: News, Stocks, Voice Memos, and Home.

    Other (not so) significant/ exciting additions include quick editing tools for screenshots, new News and Voice Memos, a Mac app for Apple Home with Siri support, and tweaks to Metal and eGPU support.

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