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    Got a Swanky New MacBook? Here Are Some Must-Have Mac Apps

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    Most people believe that all the good applications on the macOS are limited and expensive. Well, we’re here to prove them wrong with ten of the best free apps for Mac. The following list of free applications are extremely useful and make it to the must-have Mac apps list for any Apple user who wants the most out of their Mac. Read on to find out the best Mac app freeware.

    Best Free Apps for Mac

    1. Trello

    With Trello, you can organise your work tasks and home tasks in a single application. The app allows you to open multiple windows for managing your workflow based on your professional or personal tasks. The application simplifies creating task cards and sends you or your teammates a notification whenever a project is due. Trello also supports various keyboard shortcuts for quick access. What’s more, you can add co-workers or group partners to various tasks to make collaborations super easy and efficient.

    1. DaVinci Resolve

    This is probably one of the most powerful photos and video editing applications available on the App Store. The free version has some of the best features of the paid app. You can edit photos in a brilliant 60fps ratio, and videos can be created in SD, HD, and Ultra HD formats. With features such as advanced colour correction, fusion visual effects, cut page editing, and Fairlight audio post, beginners and professionals alike will love creating stunning photos and videos using DaVinci Resolve.

    1. DU Recorder: Screen Recorder

    DU Recorder is perhaps our favourite screen recording and streaming app, capable of creating high-quality videos. You can record videos at up to 60fps and can also live stream your screen on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Twitch. Users even have the option to turn on the webcam to record reactions of what’s playing on their screen. The app offers the option to record your entire screen or select a particular area that you wish to share.

    1. HandShaker – Manage your Android Phones at Ease

    Do you use a Mac but prefer an Android smartphone? Then this app’s for you. With HandShaker, you can connect your Android device to your Mac using a USB cable or even wirelessly. You can also easily manage your phone’s external SD card with this application. Moreover, you can use HandShaker to quickly share your Mac’s clipboard with your Android device.

    1. The Unarchiver

    The Unarchiver can easily expand or extract ZIP and RAR files on your Mac with a simple one-click operation. Once downloaded from the App Store, Unarchiver can extract, hide, or curate files into a single folder. This useful Mac application is capable of converting files into a dozen supported formats.

    1. Simplenote

    Forget the Bear notes app! With an amazing clutter-free interface, you can happily convert what’s on your mind into beautifully organised texts. It also gives you a way to easily share notes, and fits in perfectly into anyone’s workflow.

    1. WhatsApp Desktop

    Privacy concerns aside, WhatsApp remains the most widely used messaging app and has to be on the best Mac apps list. This useful Mac application connects to your smartphone, allowing you to send and receive text messages from your laptop itself. In recent updates, users can even make and receive audio and video calls!

    1. Slack

    Slack is one of the most popular messaging applications for teams and managing workflow in groups. This business collaboration application is the best way to communicate with your team. You can send and receive high-quality images and videos, and get on calls with your team within the app, share documents, add bots to make collaborating easier, and so much more. The simplified drag and drop gesture to share files and a lightning-fast internal search engine enhances the user experience.

    1. Numbers, Keynotes, and Pages

    Apple’s substitute for the Microsoft Office applications, these apps come free with every Mac purchase. In simple terms, Numbers works much like Excel or Google Sheets. Keynotes is Apple’s take on a presentation software, and Pages helps you create documents. Though these are three different applications, they are usually downloaded in a bundle. With cross-device compatibility that lets you continue work across your Apple devices, Apple’s productivity tools give Microsoft Office a run for its money. Plus, you can always open iWord, PowerPoint, Excel files with these apps when you need to!

    So these were some of our favourite must-have Mac apps. Recommend us yours in the comments!

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