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    New Apple iPad Rumored to be Revealed at WWDC This Year

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Mar 21, 2018

    Apple users and enthusiasts, rejoice! According to a new report surfacing from China, Apple is slated to release its new and much anticipated iPad Pro device at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in California. With this rumour doing the rounds in the tech world, we can’t help but dwell on its expected features and specialties.

    Technical Specifications

    The new iPad Pro model will most likely retain the 11-inch screen, which is half an inch larger than its previous release, if it plans to ditch its home button function. The iPad is also highly rumoured to debut a Face ID feature, which is growing in popularity with each passing day. The Face ID feature is sort of a biometric recognition, which enables you to unlock your device using your own face as a password. If and when this feature gets added to the iPad Pro, the device will further scale up the ladder of popularity.

    The iPad models will be available in both 11 as well as 12.9 inches and will come with an LCD screen rather than the OLED displays, owing to a shortage of supply, cost and technological constraints. The usual upgrades would comprise the powerful A11X Bionic processor, which boasts eight cores for superior performance, wherein three constitute high performance “Monsoon” cores and five energy-efficient “Mistral” cores.

    Higher Notch

    It’s still unclear, as of now, as to whether the tablets will have a higher notch for True Depth sensor, or will it have uniformly placed slim bezels to provide room for components. The price of the product will cost more than the current line-up but due to the absence of OLED screens, the rise might very well be substantially low.

    There is a cloud of shadow hovering over the 12.9-inch iPad Pro release, on whether the home screen and Face ID functionality will be ditched or if it’s only meant for the smaller sized models, but a major overhaul is all but expected.


    Although the information circulating the web is all but rumour, there is a vivid possibility attached to the same. Apple has time and again wowed the audience with its releases and its latest iPad Pro will surely be no exception.


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