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    ipad 2022 release date

    Through the Grapevine: The 2022 iPads We Are Waiting For

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    Prerona Dekaphukan
    Prerona Dekaphukan Feb 8, 2022

    Over a month into 2022, I can’t help but hope those exciting announcements from Apple will soon come our way. Some latest rumours suggest the release date of the 2022 iPad Air 5 and iPad Pro might be soon. How soon, of course, is the question. As always, iPad 2022 release dates are not confirmed yet. But, a girl can indulge in the guilty pleasure of writing about what to expect. Here’s what the little birdies have told us so far.

    Need Some Fresh iPad Air, Please

    First up, talks of an A15 Bionic chip powering the 5th generation iPad Air are making rounds, especially after its appearance in iPhone 13 launched last year. If that is true, which is likely, this would be the fastest of its kind thus far.

    We can almost be certain that there wouldn’t be many design changes in this one. After all, we like the all-screen, ultra-thin bezels device with Touch ID fingerprint recognition. Given its predecessor iPad Air 4, the next-gen iPad Air will be nothing short of 2360 x 1640 pixels resolution either. But it seems like Apple will stick to the TFT-LCD display for this one, too, and my hopes of an OLED display may not come to pass with the iPad Air 5. Maybe the 2023 ones will cover that. You never know. 

    Anyhoo, the camera upgrades are something we can all be excited about. I’m hearing about a dual-lens rear camera, 12MP ultra-wide front camera with Center Stage support, 1080p video recording, a LiDAR scanner, and a Quad-LED True Tone flash. We might also see an audio system with four speakers and a range of new colour options for the 2022 iPad Air. The cellular models might be 5G-enabled, which can be a good inclusion provided Indian telecom divisions stick to their timeline of launching 5G services this year.

    The release dates for the 2022 iPad Air 5? Nothing concrete that we have heard of. But spring should bring some fresh news.

    May Pro Bring to the Spring Glow

    If you follow Apple news (and if you’re reading this, you sure do!), you would know that the company has been testing a full glass back device with wireless charging enabled, and the 2022 iPad Pro might be the one that makes the cut. We are also looking at an upgraded version of the M1 chip that the 2021 iPad Pro featured. Given Apple’s nomenclature history, they will probably call it the M2 chip. Makes things easier for us to remember!

    After pushing away 64 GB iPhones and bringing 256 GB to all new macs, it is likely that all upcoming Apple products, including the 2022 iPad Pro, will have 256 GB storage. The new iPad Pro is rumoured to have a larger battery, an iPhone 13-like camera, and a mini LED display. If Apple cracks the OLED display technology in time, we might have two versions of the upcoming iPad Pro. That would be super cool. 

    In case sizes matter to you, it is very likely that the 2022 iPad Pro, too, would give you the opportunity to choose between an 11-inch and a 12.9-inch, as it has previously done. There isn’t much on accessories, but chances are that a new Apple Pencil might show up around the same time – maybe together. An upgraded Smart Folio and improved Magic Keyboard might also make an entrance.

    Come spring, Apple’s WDCC Events in 2022 will kickstart – really hoping they won’t skip spring as they did in 2020 – and we might see 2022 iPads Air and iPad Pro blooming. Well, it would be quite okay even if we don’t have the release date for the 2022 iPad Air and Pro right away. We’re sure to hear some announcements soon with spring almost here. Fingers crossed!

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