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    A Completely Redesigned Series of New iPads is Coming Next Quarter

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    Varun Bhatia
    Varun Bhatia Nov 24, 2016

    After the success of the iPad Pro, Apple is planning to launch not just one but three variants in the iPad series next quarter. These models will be on the lines of the 9.7-inch iPad pro  but will be a substantial upgrade on the inside and outside both.

    The most anticipated amongst the new iPads is the new 10.9-inch version. For one, it’s a new screen size. But that’s not the only reason why we are excited. This iPad is expected to come in a very sleek edge-to-edge layout!

    The new 10.9 inch iPad (in all probability) will be a bezel-free design. 

    Here’s everything we know so far about the new iPads (be warned that these are a mixture of facts, fiction, and speculation)

    • Three new iPads are expected to be launched in the next quarter — the standard 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch ones, and a new 10.9-inch variant.
    • One of them — most likely the 10.9 inch one — would be the bezel-free.
    • The 10.9-inch model and the 9.7-inch model would have similar physical dimensions; the increase in screen size is accommodated by leaving out the bezels.
    • It would have an edge-to-edge design.
    • We might have to say goodbye to the Home Button!
    • No news on the iPad mini series. So probably, the 9.7-inch variant will become the entry model.
    • An additional quad microphones as opposed to the current dual setup (highly speculative).

    From the above highlights, it is obvious that Apple is planning to make big changes in the iPad line-up. The new models will be big upgrade all around.

    It’s a relief that Apple will still retain the 9.7inch model of the iPad as a low priced series for people who don’t care too much about the sleeker form factor and those who have tighter budgets.

    While the news about the new iPads is a lot of guesswork at this stage, we would still draw heart from the fact that the iPads have been the only Apple products so far that have not drawn much flack from public and critics. And we hope, for their sake more than ours, that Apple doesn’t screw this one up!

    Cover image: Bezel-free new iPads concept sketch by iClarified.
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