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    New iPhones Coming on 9 September

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    It’s time to pump money into your ‘my next iPhone fund’! Start hinting about all the ‘problems’ that have crept up into your iPhone 6. Become friendlier with people who are likely to buy your old phone. Do all this quickly because the new iPhones are only a month away!

    Every year, the date of the iPhone launch event is leaked before the official announcement by Apple. This time the reported date is 9th September, which is exactly the same as last year’s iPhone 6 event. The countdown has begun!

    iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus

    The new iPhones are expected to follow the typical ‘S’ upgrades pattern with negligible changes in design and the focus on under the hood upgrades. The main attractions of this announcement are as follows:

    New Cameras

    Apple is expected to finally upgrade from 8 to 12 megapixels. The iPhone 6S camera is also rumoured to have dual-lens with optical zoom capabilities. It’s not like the current iPhones don’t have great cameras already; but with these improvements, Apple is going to take mobile photography to the next level.


    Apple Watch’s Force Touch technology is set to debut in next gen iPhones. This pressure sensitive display technology will add a new dimension (literally) to the iPhone’s user experience. Most in-built and third party apps are expected to incorporate Forch Touch right at the launch.

    Processing Power

    Just like every new iPhone, this year’s model will be getting a processor boost. The new A9 chip is much faster and battery friendly. The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is also likely to become the first iPhones with 2GB RAM.


    This probably won’t come across as a fancy feature, but it’s important nonetheless. iPhone 6S is going to offer radically improved cellular (3G / 4G) speeds. The new Qualcomm chips can theoretically double the cellular download speeds.

    When to expect new iPhones in India?

    Most likely, the iPhone 6S launch date in India will be around the festival of Diwali (11th November). Apple has been cashing on the Diwali buzz for the last couple of years and the trend should continue this year too; unless Apple has a surprise in store for us.

    iPhone price in India

    Now this can get interesting! As we noted in our recent post about Apple’s surprising price reductions in India, there is a clear shift in Apple’s strategy for the Indian market. Does this mean Apple will offer the new iPhones at lower prices? Will it offer some lucrative trade-in or EMI schemes? While that sounds unlikely, it just might happen. So keep your fingers crossed!

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