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    patent infringement lawsuit

    Apple Must Face Patent Infringement Lawsuit for Apple Watch, Court Rules

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Aug 13, 2021

    As per Reuters, the court has ruled that Apple cannot escape the patent infringement lawsuit filed against it. The company was sued by Omni MedSci, who claims Apple has used its patented technology in the Apple Watch. Earlier, Apple had attempted to dismiss the lawsuit but was unsuccessful.

    Manufacturer of iPhone’s Court Case

    Omni MedSci’s owner, Mohammed Islam, claims that Apple has used four of its patents for a heart-rate algorithm. Islam’s patent infringement lawsuit against Apple demands the Cupertino company to stop selling the Apple Watch and compensate his company. Mohammed Islam owns six companies and has many patents registered in his name.

    As per reports, Apple had met Omni MedSci between 2014 and 2016 for a possible collaboration for Apple Watch heart-rate sensors. Islam’s company claims that their partnership didn’t materialise, but Apple used technology from four of its patents. However, Apple urged the court to dismiss Omni MedSci’s lawsuit claims. The company claims that he is an employee of the University of Michigan and the university owns his patents.

    The court has now said that being the university’s employee “did not effectuate a present automatic assignment to title to UM and thus did not negate Dr. Islam’s assignment of the inventions to Omni.”

    After the court declared that the lawsuit still stands, Omni MedSci’s lawyer said that the company was pleased but not surprised. Where this patent infringement lawsuit goes against Apple will certainly be interesting to watch. If the court rules in Omni MedSci’s favour, Apple might just have to pay a heck lot of damages and potentially take the Apple Watch off shelves.

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