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    Wow! These Guys Make iPhoneSE Look So 6C

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Apr 13, 2016

    Before the iPhone SE was launched last month, a lot of people expected it to be cased in the body of an iPhone 6. They were all disappointed when the phone turned up looking like the iPhone 5s.

    So we did what every rational consumer would do — cribbed about it, then got over ourselves, forgave Apple, and moved on with life in general.

    The same, however, cannot be said for the guys at Computer Build. Not happy being let down by Apple, they decided to make matters into their hands…literally!

    Their zeal led them to design a custom-built iPhone 6 case for the SE!! And they’re calling it the iPhone 6SE.

    Before you start jumping for joy, let us quickly point out something here. This iPhone 6SE ‘case’ is not like one of those covers you see in any mobile store. This transformation calls for an extremely complicated process that is not recommended for amateurs like you and me.

    If you’re curious, watch Computer Build’s complete tutorial on how to swap your iPhone’s casing here.

    As you can see (and like we mentioned before), this process is not for the faint-hearted. Or the talentless. Or you and me. They pretty much say so in the tutorial:

    Even our most experienced engineer needed more than two hours for the entire transformationOnly if you have a lot of experience working on iPhones and understand how those parts work together should you even consider taking the chance.”

    Oh, and did we mention that fooling around like this with a new iPhone SE is going to cost you your warranty? What else did you expect? Duh!

    We have to admit a grudging respect for these guys. Some of us struggle to remove the sim from our iPhones, and here these fellas are just ripping open a brand new iPhone and transferring its internal wiring into a whole new case. All this because it wasn’t pretty enough for them. Jesus, talk about being obsessive and compulsive and demanding!

    Anyway, if you’ve got itchy fingers and a daring heart beating in your chest, go ahead and try this trick. And if you do succeed (big IF there, guys), don’t forget to send us pictures. We’d be more than happy to showcase your superhuman talent on our website.

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