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    quirky iPhone accessories

    Quirky iPhone Accessories You Don’t Need But Will Buy Anyway

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    Ariz Suban
    Ariz Suban Feb 13, 2020

    Apple fans would be the first to admit that we probably take our love for all things Apple a little too far sometimes. But when you’re in an ecosystem with a seemingly endless amount of irresistible gadgets and accessories, it’s easy for things to get out of hand. To help you spend your money in the right place without compromising your fancy taste, here’s a list of quirky iPhone accessories that you don’t really need but will buy anyway—because they’re just that good.

    1. A Multi-Purpose Carabiner + Charger

    Ever gone out before realised your phone battery’s running low and no one else has an iPhone charger? Well, this Aluminium carabiner is a keychain, a bottle opener, AND has an emergency charging cable! Having a charging cable always with me in a handy keychain sounds like a dream to my forgetful self. Is it a useful combination? Definitely. Do you really need it? Debatable. Will you still buy it? Probably.

    2. A Breathalyzer

    Got your attention with this, didn’t I? If you’re returning from a party and are feeling a bit, let’s say, tipsy, there might be people you wouldn’t want to tell. That’s when this breathalyzer comes to the rescue! One blow on BACtrack and your iPhone tells you whether or not you’re safe enough to head home. Now, how often you’ll need it… depends on how often you face such dilemmas. (Should I be worried?)

    3. An Instant Photo Printer

    For those who’ve always wanted their own fancy polaroids, this portable instant photo printer converts your iPhone into one by helping you print out photos on the go. Even if you aren’t someone who likes printing out their photos and scrapbooking them (or making photo walls), your Instagram profile will probably thank this addition to your collection of unnecessary yet brilliant accessories.

    4. A Laser Virtual Keyboard

    I’m not going to lie; when I first saw this keyboard, my only thought was that I needed to have it. No hardcore sci-fi fan can say no to a laser keyboard that looks directly from your dreams of the future. It’s handy. It’s cute. Apart from that, it’s pretty useless in a lighted room. However, if it helps you feel like a character straight from the Marvel comics, then why not?

    Yeah, let’s pretend we didn’t all just add these to our carts already. And if you haven’t, well more power to you because you’re stronger than we are! Which of these accessories is your favourite?

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