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    Hey Siri, Show My Photos

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    This is what you’re probably going to say when you come to know about Siri’s new iOS 9 functionality. You want to look at pictures on your iPhone from a vacation in Thailand you took two years back? It’s easy. All you have to do is say, “Siri, show me photos from Thailand”. Siri will immediately show you a series of photos from that wonderful trip you are reminiscing about so fondly.

    Isn’t that amazing. No more scrolling through your photo gallery. No more looking at tiny thumbnails, squinting to figure out what’s in those pictures. A simple voice command pulls up photos from your collection thanks to the new location-centric feature in iOS 9.

    By using phrases like “One Year Ago”, “Nearby”, “Home” and “Favorites”, you can search through your photos a lot faster. And, get this: if you’re feeling a little narcissistic you can simply say, “Siri, show me my selfies”. And, you will have a bunch of your photos, pout and all, appear on the screen in a flash!

    But there is one thing you have to take care of as you command Siri. Make sure you always say, “Show me my photos from Thailand”. This will prevent Siri from searching the web engine for photos that match your request, if it finds nothing on your phone matching your request.

    So, don’t forget the magic words – ‘My photo’ – and watch Siri jump into action in a jiffy. Well, as soon as iOS 9 is released, anyway.

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