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Did You See SRK Fanboying Over AirPods 2?

Shah Rukh Khan fanboying over AirPods 2

Oh well, it’s no secret that kuch kuch hota hai in our fanboy/fangirl hearts when it comes to Apple products. And if you haven’t already guessed which fan I’m talking about, here’s who. We’re talking about no other than the Badshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. Yes, the actor who’s known for his interest in gizmos and gadgets is currently flaunting his obsession over AirPods 2.

SRK took to Instagram on 14 April 2019 to show off his newest Apple possession – the newly launched AirPods 2. Take a look at his post:

But his level 100 fanboy nature isn’t really new news. Back in 2016, when Apple CEO Tim Cook made his way to India, King Khan invited Cook for dinner at his Mumbai residence, Mannat. The actor was so in love with the brand and he owned many products. This didn’t escape the eyes of those sitting in newsrooms. Soon, there were rumors that Apple would appoint SRK as their brand ambassador for India. All those rumours were swatted but damn, talk about fanboying.

So Why Does SRK Love AirPods 2 So Much?

Although there are no design changes, the second generation AirPods comes with a handful of new features. They support hands-free “Hey Siri”. So, get ready to take control of the volume and the songs through voice commands instead of tapping.

There’s also improved connectivity and better Bluetooth range, all thanks to the new H1 chip instead of the old W1 chip. The magical chip also allows you to easily pair and switch between iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac. Still available in white like its predecessor, other features have seen an upgrade.

They’re now completely wireless, offer an additional 24-hour battery life and up to three hours of talk time. That’s plenty good if you ask us. The Rs. 18,900 price tag might make you feel a little twang, but hey, all happiness comes with a price, right?

So, there you go. Superstar or not, Apple has that effect on everyone. After all, their products big and small, do pack a pretty good punch. Are you as big a fan as SRK?

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