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    Have You Tried the New ‘Sticker Selfies’?

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    Of all the technology that we’ve seen in the last few decades, there’s probably nothing that stokes a man’s narcissism like selfies. And with iPhones, the concept has been taken to a whole new level. Apple has made it so that selfies are more than just (un) flattering pictures of your duckfaces – they are Sticker Selfies!

    When Apple first released Animojis, they broke the world. There were ads everywhere, and there wasn’t a single iPhone user who stayed away from using them. The pull was just too strong!

    Perhaps the next big thing is going to be their latest feature. Apple just announced that the Camera App on iMessages now comes with newer features. The latest addition is that of stickers, which allows you to add stickers to your selfies directly in the iMessages app. You can give your selfies a lot more character with this neat addition.

    Here’s how you can add stickers to your selfies:

    • Open the iMessages app and pick a conversation.
    • Tap on the camera button and tap on the “star” button at the bottom left corner of the screen, next to the camera button.
    • You’ll see a row of icons, including Animojis, comic-book filters, and stickers that are not available in the regular selfie camera.
    • Since you want stickers, tap on one of the stickers to activate. They will look different depending on the sticker packs you have installed on your iPhone.
    • Tap on them to see a grid of stickers. Choose any number of stickers, and to choose between them, tap on the X button to exit the current pack and pick another one.
    • Now that you have activated the stickers, all you have to do is drag it from the sticker grid and release it on the screen. You can also add multiple stickers from different packs.

    Voila! Strike a pose and surprise your friends.

    Choose a hat or a pair of glasses, and let augmented reality do its job. Apple is already known for its jaw-dropping AR, and they prove it once again with the stickers. Out in the real world, the wind may blow away your hat, and your glasses might need the occasional adjusting, but not in the AR world and not with these stickers. They’ll sit tight where they’re supposed to, however much you move.

    More iFun selfies to you!

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