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    Making the Shift? Now You Can Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

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    First of all, don’t misunderstand us: We are not advocating for you to shift from iOS to another operating system. Particularly not if the phone you opt for folds in half and possibly splits in half if not handled well. Anyway, we’re not opening that specific Android vs. iPhone can of worms today. Today, we bring to you a guide on how you can transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android, for whatever reason you might need to.

    The process isn’t as simple as logging in to WhatsApp with the same phone number on your new device. You need to connect your Android to your old but trusty iPhone via a cable and ensure that your new Android is in the factory reset setup. After running through a lot of tabs and downloading a particular backup shifting app, you can begin transferring your WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android 12.

    Steps To Transfer Your WhatsApp Data From iPhone To Android

    1. Make Sure the Android device in the Factory Reset Mode
    2. Go to WhatsApp on your iPhone > Settings > Chat > Move Chats To Android
    3. Connect the iPhone to the Android Device using a USB-C to Lightning Cable
    4. Scan the QR Code displayed on the Android Device From Your iPhone
    5. Tap Start on the iPhone and wait for the process to complete
    6. Once the Android device is set up and you’re at the Home Screen, download WhatsApp on the new device
    7. Login to WhatsApp with the same mobile number used on the iPhone
    8. Tap Transfer Chats when prompted and wait for the process to complete
    9. Once completed, all your WhatsApp chats will be transferred to the Android device.
    10. Note, while going through the entire process keep your iPhone plugged into the Android device.

    Currently, the WhatsApp chat migration feature is limited to flagship Samsung Galaxy phones and the latest Google Pixel device. Still, the Facebook-owned company has said they will extend the feature to other Android 12 smartphones as well. Also, you will need to have the latest versions of iOS, Android, and WhatsApp installed on both devices to complete the migration.

    The Big Question: How to Transfer WhatsApp Data From Android to iOS

    Right now, neither WhatsApp nor iOS have enabled a feature to transfer WhatsApp chats from a Samsung device or any other Android device to iPhones. However, you can hope that someday, Apple will counterattack and enable users to transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iOS.

    Also, WhatsApp is reportedly working on establishing their inherent cloud backup module to help users avoid iCloud, and Google Drive chats backup for easier cross-platform migration. Though the chat migration feature is irrelevant for me as I don’t think I will be waving goodbye to iOS. However, the new Fold by Samsung does look tempting. Hey Siri, call Tim Cook and request him to launch a foldable iPhone. Please!

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