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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Dec 22, 2021

    In an interesting development, a regular Apple Music critic has grabbed Tim Cook’s attention. A Reddit story by heyyoudvd, Dave B, explains how an email they sent to Apple’s CEO caught the company head’s attention and how they received a call from the executive office at Apple.

    Feedback to Apple Done Right

    The Reddit user explained that, after feedback via Apple’s official app for beta testers had no impact, they sent an email directly to the tech giant’s CEO, Tim Cook.

    Specifically, the user wasn’t happy with the way Apple Music works, explaining that Apple’s audio streaming app doesn’t live up to the company’s reputation for quality. However, a few weeks after sending email to Tim Cook, they received a call from the executive office saying Apple’s CEO had read the email and forwarded it to the Apple Music team. What’s more, they went on to say that Tim Cook had actually personally read the email and arranged for a call with someone in his team to understand his suggestions.

    And guess what? Cook’s office said that Apple was taking the feedback seriously and might just implement some of the ideas in the future.

    Although Apple wasn’t completely clear on which of the emailed ideas they are likely to use, the fact that the company is taking feedback seriously is noteworthy.

    Here’s some of the things heyyoudvd mentioned:

    • Better algorithms to match soundtracks in multiple albums.
    • Apple Music is rather slow and sluggish and has memory issues that cause frequent refreshing.
    • A redesigned Up Next section.
    • Swipe gestures to shift between the Now Playing section to navigate between Up Next and Lyrics.
    • Apple Music should work on playlists management that curates them into better folders.
    • A two-finger gesture incorporated into Apple Music to view more information and select multiple soundtracks.
    • Original soundtrack and remastered versions organised separately.
    • Reworked Apple Music to match the rounded edges to complement the latest iOS version.
    • Tags to search and sort various genres of music.
    • Continuity between devices.
    • A two-finger gesture to include a pinch-to-zoom feature for Album artworks.
    • Apple Music should add a Pinned to Favourites section.
    • Easily viewable star ratings.
    • Option to switch between 256/Lossless/Atmos audio formats within the Apple Music app.
    • Option to view playback stats.
    • Improved navigation and control.

    We think bringing back star ratings is a brilliant idea! Moreover, tags and filters would significantly help in the way we interact with Apple Music. Let’s hope Apple implements some of these features in the near future as Apple needs to fight Spotify’s growing popularity. Do let us know if you have any more suggestions. You never know — we might send an email to Cook.

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    1. Ehsaas Dudhwala says:

      These are actually good suggestions, and most of the problems are approached. Hope Apple solves this soon.

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