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    WWDC 2020: How Does The New tvOS 14 Fare?

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    Ariz Suban
    Ariz Suban Jun 27, 2020

    Look lively, people! Your favourite cinematic experience at home has just been upgraded. Apple has announced the new tvOS 14 for Apple TV, with a ton of new and improved features to amaze us. And it is working! 

    At the WWDC 2020 announcement, made online because of the ongoing unfortunate pandemic, Apple has unveiled the different features of the new OS, including Homekit integration, extended Xbox support and a whole different Apple Arcade gaming experience. 

    Your ‘Home Viewer’

    With the release of tvOS 14, Apple TV now will come with a new ‘Home View’ option in the Control Centre. It is a Homekit integration where cameras can directly feed into your Apple TV. With this, you can get a Picture-in-Picture (PiP) alert for people recognized by your Homekit cameras directly on your Apple TV! Apple has also allied with many home automation providers like Google and Amazon to bring the new smart homes solutions to the markets. 

    Play Along!

    Apple has also expanded its Picture-in-Picture (PiP) to play two videos on the same screen simultaneously, which means that you can work out to a tutorial and watch the news on the same screen with tvOS 14! This PiP feature can be accessed by Airplay, which makes it most useful for family gatherings. Anyone in the family with proper access can now simultaneously cast the content of their phones to Apple TVs and play along. 

    Pick Up Your A-Game!

    Apple TV has always been more than just TV. But with Apple Music and Apple Arcade bringing in the music and gaming experience with tvOS 14, there’s a lot you can do during family time. You can groove to your favourite tracks and play your favourite games at Apple Arcade. Apple has also introduced a new multi-user feature for Apple Arcade, where users playing games on their iPhones or iPads can continue their Apple Arcade games on their Apple TV, right where they left it off! All they need to do is to go to the control centre, log in to the user profile and pick up their game. All progress and games can be viewed on the home screen.

    Gaming at Apple TV now has extended a bit further. From Xbox One and Playstation DualShock 4 game controllers, Apple has expanded Xbox controller support to work with Xbox Elite 2 and Xbox Adaptive controllers too, making the gaming experience incredibly immersive.  

    Experience YouTube in 4K Now!

    Apple TV is your ultimate cinematic experience. With 4K video support, HDR and Dolby Vision, you get an impressive theatrical experience right in your living room. And the experience is enhancing even further as Apple has provided tvOS 14 with 4K video support directly from YouTube too! 

    With tvOS 14, Apple has taken TV experience to another level. Which of these awesome features and upgrades were you waiting for? And what feature did Apple miss? Let us know in the comments below. For a summary of all the launches at WWDC events click here

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