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    apple self service repair program

    Take Repairs Into Your Own Hands With Apple’s Self Service Repair Program

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Dec 3, 2021

    Apple has announced a Self Service Repair program to allow users to make independent repairs on their iPhones and Macs. With this, Apple will provide genuine parts to users who have a fairly good understanding of technical repair work. Those who cannot perform repairs themselves can purchase genuine parts and reach out to technicians instead.

    How to Access Apple Genuine Parts and Self Service Repair Program

    The tech giant said the Apple Self Service Repair program would roll out in the USA starting early next year. The company has also promised to gradually expand the independent repair program to other countries throughout 2022. So, we can expect Apple’s self-service program to come to India by mid-2022.

    Initially, Apple genuine parts will be available for purchase via an online storem with the possibility of in-store pick-up. Customers will get to buy commonly serviceable parts like batteries, camera modules, and displays for iPhone 12 and 13. Apple will also introduce self-service parts for M1-based Macs, including MacBook Air and Pro, Mac mini, and the 24-inch iMac. However, there’s no word on iPads and other Apple products till now.

    Apple’s Self Service Repair program is a welcome move, and we hope the company rolls it out to Indian users soon. Since Apple’s authorised service centres are largely only in metros, most tier 2 and 3 cities have either a limited number of service centres or none at all. With this program, Apple users in any part of the country will at least be able to purchase common parts and get them repaired themselves or via a technician in their vicinity.

    Moreover, once you purchase an Apple genuine product via the self-service module, you will get a manual that’ll help you complete the repair work. Not that it’ll be a good idea for anyone and everyone to change the display or batteries, but many who can manage tech devices and have fairly good knowledge will be able to repair their iPhones or Macs independently. What do you think? Will you be taking your Apple device repairs into your own hands?

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