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Apple TV India

Apple TV is a set-top box system that hooks up to your TV.

The primary use of Apple TV is to mirror the screen contents of any of your Apple devices to your TV screen. You can mirror an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or any other compatible iDevice to your TV wirelessly via Apple TV.

However, it also comes with a host of other features such as games and apps.

Price wise, it’s not as costly as other Apple devices, with the older models of Apple TV starting from as low as Rs 5000. However, the bigger impediment to buying an Apple TV are

  • the general lack of good content with Apple, and
  • the disastrously slow internet connections in India

These two together were the biggest reason why we declared that you should NOT buy an Apple TV in India.

What’s coming up?

Apple TV is headed for a 4K upgrade, however, the lack of content is going to hurt it a lot in the long run. Also, there are very few 4K supported devices, so the feature isn’t of much use!

Also coming soon to Apple TV is the ability to store more than 200 mb of app data. You will soon be able to save games/downloads as large as 4 GB.

Third-party applications are also taking a lot of interest in the device. Most noticeably, world’s largest torrent site — The Pirate Bay — is adding the ability to stream torrents directly to Apple TV.

In terms of curing the content crunch, Apple is going the Netflix way – creating its own TV shows. These shows will be produced by Apple and will be available solely on Apple TV and iTunes.

Siri has gotten pretty intelligent with the later version of Apple TV. But that’s only in certain parts of the world. In India, it still can’t do a lot of things!

Finally, you can read about the general features and upgrades coming to its software — tvOS — by reading this post.

Apple also launched the latest model – Apple TV 4K in India. It is available in both 32GB and 64GB models. However, last gen Apple TV 4 is also available and continues to sell at a lowe price.