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The Apple iPhone. What started out as a status symbol has now led to an almost cult-like following (guilty as charged), and fans line up for hours to get their hands on the latest iPhone as soon as it releases. Currently, the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro are ruling the market, though it’s not uncommon to see people still going ga-ga over the iPhone X series. The success of the iPhone 11 series comes as no surprise, with its slew of great features that are available at relatively affordable prices.

Regarding its history, the first-generation iPhone launched in 2007, with a 4GB storage and at a measly-for-iPhone price of $499. However, the iPhone India journey began a year later in 2008 with the iPhone 3G. Twelve years later, we’re eagerly waiting for the iPhone 12 series, which is expected to release in September 2020. We’re hoping to see three different display sizes in the 2020 iPhones, and rumours say that we might see a 5.4-inch iPhone among the lower-end models and a 6.7 on the higher-end ( which is likely to be the biggest iPhone till date!). We’re also expecting 5G connectivity, plus hopefully an OLED screen in even the lower-end models.

For now, our wait is long and we’ll keep updating our fellow Apple fans as we hear more on our favourite smartphones. To get in the know about the latest iPhone updates and keep up with all the iPhone news and rumours, have a look at the articles below.

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