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    A Worthy Facebook App for Mac is here. Finally!

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Aug 5, 2015

    Are you a Facebook user? Don’t bother answering 🙂

    Are you a Mac user? Hopefully, yes!

    Then, my dear friends, This is THE app you’ve been waiting for so long.

    Every Mac user has at some point of time or the other tried and failed to find a good Facebook app. Many third party apps (there is no official Facebook app on the Mac AppStore) have made their claim to the crown but eventually faded away. There have always been some glaring issues in them, which made the app more of a hassle than convenience.

    But not this new app – Current.

    The first start thing about Current is that the app focuses on enhancing the browser experience of Facebook instead of reinventing the wheel. Clicking on the app icon in your dock (where you will immediately pin it permanently) will open a Facebook browser window within the app. It’s smart and simple. But that’s just the beginning of the joyride.

    Where Current hits the home run is the way it handles chats, notifications, and photos & videos attachments in the post.

    Clicking on any picture or video in a post opens it in a separate window, not only allowing you to view them in full screen, but also letting you continue browsing on your timeline while the video plays in a separate window. Cool, isn’t it?

    Then there is the menu bar icon for chats and notifications. You can check notifications right from the menu bar and also initiate a quick chat. Each chat opens in a separate window, making multiple chats a breeze.

    The additional custom notifications, a free sticker store, and many other sleek tweaks gives you an almost perfect Facebook experience on your Mac.

    Current is available at an introductory price of Rs. 120 and we believe it’s totally worth the cost. Don’t wait. Get it now!

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