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    iOS 15 Public Beta

    Here’s How to Install iOS 15 Public Beta on Your iPhone, You Daredevils!

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    A little birdie told us you wouldn’t mind messing up your iPhone if it meant that you got to try out the latest iOS 15 Public Beta. Were they right? They were absolutely right, weren’t they because that risk would be totally worth seeing the beta version of the most talked-about operating system right now! Now, let us get to the good part and tell you how to install the fresh & fun iOS 15 on your iPhone.

    Apple promises a bunch of new exciting features with this latest version of the operating system. Behold SharePlay for FaceTime – you will be able to share your screen while on a video call! In Focus mode, you can customize notifications for work apps and personal apps. You also get Live Text, offline Siri, and an all-new Safari browser. 

    Folks, you’ve got to try it out to know. Me? I am already in! And because I am so thrilled about it, I will generously take you through the process. Here’s what you have to do to download the public beta version of iOS 15 on your iPhone – 

    • Visit the Apple Beta Software Program’s website from the Safari browser on your iPhone.
    • Log in with your Apple ID > Under the iOS pane, scroll down to Get Started and tap on enroll your device. Or use this link https://beta.apple.com/sp/betaprogram/enroll#ios.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions and take a backup of your device on your Windows/Mac computer.
    • Click the Download profile button or visit https://beta.apple.com/profile.
    • Once the Profile is downloaded, head to Settings on your iPhone and tap on the Profile Downloaded pane visible on the top of your screen.
    • Tap Install Profile and enter your iPhone’s passcode if prompted > Accept the terms and conditions and Restart your device 
    • Once your device has rebooted, head to Settings > General > Software Update.
    • The iOS 15 public beta will be available to download. Complete the download and install process to use iOS 15.

    As easy as falling off a log, right! But, here’s the catch. It will take up 5GB of your iPhone’s space. And because I have to, I must also warn you that it has bugs and teething issues. It is going to slow down your phone and polish off a lot of the battery power. Not that it matters to us Apple fans!

    And hey, if I actually got you to download the public beta version of iOS 15, you make me proud, comrade! Now, one last thing. Go on and tell everyone about your experience. I mean, leave a comment on our Instagram. (Please?)

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