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    iphone se 3 India

    Expanding the Appleverse: iPhone SE 3 in India to Bring in the Business

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Mar 18, 2022

    As per Business Today, Apple in India will only increase its market share. To add to that, analysts believe that the recently-launched iPhone SE 3 will be a hit. As per the publication, the iPhone SE 3 will potentially account for one in every four iPhones shipped in India. Apple’s formula of nostalgia meets modern performance can be a key aspect in increasing iPhone sales in the current year.

    iPhone SE 3: The Latest iPhone of 2022 in India

    Apple has packed in its latest A15 Bionic processor and 5G support in the iPhone SE 2022. Sure, there are a few camera upgrades and battery life improvements, but the presence of the A15 chipset makes all the difference. The latest mobile processor from Apple has proven to be one of the best and the fastest in the smartphone market. The A15 proved to be a better performer than the Qualcomm unit that does duty on the latest Samsung flagships.

    All of that performance comes at an affordable starting price of ₹43,900, which will certainly tempt buyers to opt for the Apple iPhone SE 3 in India. Last year, Apple managed to ship 5.4 million iPhones in India and came out on top as the highest-earning smartphone brand in India. The Cupertino tech giant is projected to sell around 7.5 million units this year. 

    Apple’s iPhone only managed to capture about 4.4% of the Indian smartphone market share last year. But the figure has almost doubled from the 2.4% share in 2020. This year, Apple is expected to reach a 5.5% market share. The iPhone SE 3, iPhone 12, and iPhone 11 are expected to bring in the numbers for Apple in India.

    The Indian smartphone market for Apple has always seen more demand for older models after price cuts. For instance, the iPhone 12 accounted for 40% of the total iPhones sold in India after receiving discounts last year. At 26%, the iPhone 11 made its way into user’s pockets. Though ancient-looking, the 2020 iPhone SE still grabbed 14% of the total iPhone market in India.

    The latest entrant, iPhone 13, managed 13% of all iPhone sales. It was the eldest sibling, the 13 Pro Max, that managed to capture 4%. Looking at the trend in India for affordable iPhones, the SE 3 may work wonders despite its old design. The iPhone SE 3 is already on sale on Apple’s website and authorised resellers in India. Are you getting one?

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