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    iPhone skins

    We Tried iPhone Skins For The First Time And They Were Surprisingly Good!

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Jun 17, 2021

    If you’re anything like us, you end up spending hours choosing the right cover after every iPhone purchase—both in terms of design and the fit. It’s always a tussle between the need to protect your precious (and expensive) iPhone from scratches and the hatred for the extra thickness that comes with the slimmest of back covers. We seem to have finally found a perfect balance in the iPhone Skin from Capes India!

    We got to try their new Camouflage series (on iPhone XR) and Pastel colored skin (on iPhone XS). The Camouflage line up comes in Blue Camo, a Military Camo, a White Camo, and a Pink Camo prints, while the Pastel designs come in Blue, Green, and Grey options.

    iPhone Skin Installation

    Capes skins are relatively easy to install and don’t require a lot of skills. We managed to apply both the iPhone skins within a few minutes. It’s as simple as peeling off the cover, aligning the back camera cutout, and pressing it in position. You can use a hair dryer to iron out the bubbles, if any.

    Furthermore, they’ve done a good job in engineering precision for the camera cut-outs, Apple logo, speakers, and the charging port. But you do need to align them perfectly along the speaker holes and the charging port. The box comes with a special microfibre cloth and a 3M paper to prevent the skin from sticking to your phone during installation.

    Capes India has provided the necessary information and application process in the literature that you get with the package. For complete installations instructions, you can watch the “How to Apply” video on Capes India’s website.

    Early Impressions

    The Pastel Series has a more paper-like texture, although we wish they had a less-grainy effect to them. On the other hand, the Camo Series sports a smoother feel. We have to admit that the Skin does give a completely different look to your device and makes you stand out of the crowd.

    The good thing about these skins is that, unlike a screen guard, it doesn’t form too many bubbles that tend to spoil the look and fit. On the flip side, while the skin does save you from scratches and dust, it doesn’t provide any kind of drop protection.

    Hiding the Shattered Back Glass

    If you’ve been unfortunate like us and broken the back glass of your iPhone, then these skins have an added advantage for you. The Capes India’s skin fits perfectly even if the glass is broken and you can cover it up whilst getting a new look for your iPhone.

    Even if you have scratches or dents on your smartphone’s side frame, the skin will also hide those as well with a 360-degree protection or else you can opt for just a rear glass panel’s skin for iPhones 8 and up.


    What’s notable is, if you ever wish to remove the skin or replace it with another one, the previous one will not leave any kind of residue on your device. Removing the skin is easy and all you need to do is peel it off and you don’t have to worry about any form of sticky materials that’ll be left behind post removal.

    Overall, we had a great experience while using the skin, it adds a good grip, and the device was less prone to scratches. Additionally, both the skins that we got to try had a premium feel to it, though we wish they had more color options for their pastel skins.

    Everything Apple & More

    Capes India has an extensive range of skins for iPhone models starting with the latest iPhone 12 series and going all the way back to the iPhone 5. Besides iPhones, they also have skins for the entire range of Apple products, including iPads (only Pro models), MacBooks, and AirPods.

    You can get skin wraps for all three variants of the AirPods, the 1st-gen, 2nd-gen with wireless charging enabled case, and the AirPods Pro. You can opt for a full designer wrap for the AirPods Charging case or only a centre striped skin depending on your preference.

    Capes India have designed skins for the entire range of MacBooks as well, starting with the Mid-2012 MacBook Pro variant. Mix and match customizations are available for Apple’s laptops as well, where you can select various designs for the top and bottom of the device, and even for the trackpad.

    Capes India also offers skins for gaming devices, wireless headphones, Bluetooth enabled mouse and digital cameras. You can order directly from Capes India’s Online Store.

    Price & A Special Gift!

    While the standard skin for the back panel that covers only the rear glass or the entire frame costs ₹499, you can add the back-camera skin for ₹39 on iPhones with a Glass back. For older iPhones with a Touch ID, you can add a front-facing skin as well for ₹199. You can also mix and match different skins for the front, back, and charger adaptor.

    Happy shopping! And don’t forget to tell us how you like your new iPhone skin.

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