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    AirPods Pro 2: Better Than It Sounds

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    Ankith Nambiar
    Ankith Nambiar Sep 8, 2022

    Today is the day! Apple’s Far Out event came, sizzled, and made a huge impression on us. The highlight was the long-awaited iPhone 14 series, but there were other players vying for everyone’s attention. This article looks at one in particular —the AirPods Pro 2. 

    Big Brain energy

    The protagonist of this story is the new H2 chip inside the AirPods pro 2. An improvement over its predecessor, the new H2 chip is the glue that binds all the fascinating features of the new Airpods. Efficient battery life and revolutionary audio quality are the two things that come to mind immediately. But in almost everything else as well, the H2 chip raises the bar high and leaves the previous generation of tech to dust.

    The processor uses computational algorithms to bring a smarter audio experience with custom low distortion audio drivers, amplifiers, and three-dimensional sound. With its compatibility with the new iPhone 14 lineup, you can create audio profiles specific to your ears using the adaptive algorithm.

    Listen Here, Listen All!

    What’s the one thing we all need from a good earbud? Stellar audio! And does Airpods Pro 2 deliver? Absolutely!

    Sure, the H2 chip brings superior audio performance, but the fun does not stop there. The last gen Airpods had active noise cancelling, but this time, the numbers are just off the charts! With 2x noise cancellation, all the high decibel sounds from the environment just vanish. It’s like getting transported into another world.

    But isn’t active noise cancelling unsafe, you ask? Well, it is. But there’s a feature for that as well – adaptive transparency mode. It doesn’t shut out the noise completely; just minimizes it so you can hear the world around you while grooving to your music.

    Go Long!

    The wonders of the new gen chip amaze us yet again! The H2 also paves the way for better power management, stretching the battery life to 6 hours (with active noise cancellation on) from the 4.5 hours we got out of the last gen. It gets even better! With the wireless case, the battery lasts up to 30 hrs, almost a 6-hour increase from Airpods Pro 1.

    The case also comes with compatibility with the MagSafe chargers, and the Apple Watch chargers can also be used to charge the case. Apart from those, a lightning connector or Qi‑certified charger can also charge the pods with efficiency.

    Tap! Tap! Go!

    The Airpods Pro 2 also builds upon the touch controls present in the previous AirPods, making it a lot smoother and simpler to use. With what feels like almost gesture-style controls, you can adjust the volume by a light slide up or down the pods, tap to play and pause music, and answer and end calls easily. You can also transition between active noise cancellation and transparency mode in the blink of an eye.

    What else?

    The list of surprises just goes on and on! Along with awesome sound and powerful, long-lasting experience, the new AirPods also bring convenience to the table. With its precision finding technology, built-in case speaker, and Find My support, you never lose track of the device’s whereabouts. But why stay away from it at all? The lanyard loop in the case lets you attach the pods to your bag or anywhere else that’s easy to reach.

    So, let’s get to the brass tacks. The Airpods Pro 2 are up for grabs from September 23. For Indian users buying the new pods, your wallet will be lighter by Rs 26,900.

    Has the AirPods Pro 2 piqued your interest? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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