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    The Gift of September: Apple Online Store Launch in India!

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    Ariz Suban
    Ariz Suban Sep 18, 2020

    Though I was asked to look a little less excited than I actually am while writing this, I can’t help be ducking calm!! In a short announcement on Twitter earlier today, Apple CEO Mr. Tim Cook has unveiled the first artistic (and spectacular) look of Online Apple Store India

    Apple fans, save the date. 23.09.20.

    Up until now, the Californian tech giant used e-Commerce platforms like Flipkart and Amazon to deliver its products to the Indian market. But all that is going to change with the oncoming of the Apple Online Store in India. In what can be called a marvellous pre-Diwali gift, the Apple online store is arriving in September, and by the looks of it, it’s arriving in STYLE!! 

    What’s coming to online Apple Store India?

    According to the latest reveal on the official Apple website, Apple Online Store will offer the full range of available products and a secure range of customer support for the first time ever! 

    With the launch of Apple Online Store in India, not only will customers be able to purchase all available Apple products online, but will also be guided by online Apple Specialists regarding all of their purchases. The exclusive guidance will include online support in English and on-call support in both English as well as Hindi! 

    Custom Mac Configuration, Say What!!

    Personally, one of the best things that I’m excited about by the Apple online store launch is the *takes deep breaths to calm down* Custom Mac Configurations!!!! 

    Apple is giving its users access to customize their own macs online. You now do not need to compromise on the default configurations. With your tailor-made mac, you can now have anything you want, in any proportion you want. Extra storage, graphics or RAM, you go get it! 

    In addition to custom Mac configurations, Apple is providing special prices for students on Macs and iPads too! Man, I wish I was in college again.

    Apple Cares!

    We might have envied over Apple launching its products first to our western counterparts in the US. But with the online store launch, Apple has proved that it does care about its users in India. With the online store, Apple is bringing its AppleCare+; to extend your warranty with up to 2 years of technical support with accidental damage cover. And with a specialized team of professionals, customer supports are more likely to end successfully in a single conversation. 

    In addition to AppleCare+, Apple is also offering financing options and trade-in exchange programs for smartphones. I can see fellow Apple enthusiasts scoffing at primal smartphone users! 

    Special Engravings (Oh the Style!)

    Finally, we have stylish Apple’s ‘signature’ gift wrap coming on selected products. Airpods can be engraved (with texts as well as emojis!) in English and regional Indian languages like Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu. However, engravings on iPads and Apple Pencils are restricted to English texts. 

    Apple had earlier pipelined a launch of their physical retail shops, first in Mumbai and then in Bengaluru, but that seems to be a bit delayed due to the COVID outbreak. While the setback can be felt pretty hard, the online store launch is but an able consolation. Customers will now be able to purchase their iPhone online from the official sellers, customize their Macs online and get a load of customer services. 23rd, here we come!!

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