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    iPhone Self Service Repair Program

    Broke Your iPhone? No Worries! Now You Can Fix It Yourself

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    Ankith Nambiar
    Ankith Nambiar Apr 30, 2022

    New announcement! Apple’s Self Service Repair Program for iPhone is officially here (for those in the US). Apple is now providing genuine parts to users who are brave enough and have enough tech experience to repair their devices independently. And with the new online store now live, you can buy parts from the comfort of your home (if you’re in the US). But for people who don’t prefer to go solo, fret not. You can still go to your nearest service centre and ask an expert for help.

    How You Can Repair Your iPhone at Home

    We all know how pricey iPhone repairs can be. The Self Service Repair Program is still a bit heavy on the wallet, but Apple now provides you repair manuals and kits for rent in addition to genuine parts from their online store, which can save you some bucks. The Self Service Repair Program is only live in the US right now, but they are expecting to expand to other regions (Europe) later this year. Hopefully, this will extend to Indian Apple users too. We don’t have so many science students in our country for nothing!

    Apple also might extend the service to M1-based Mac products like MacBook Air and Mac mini.

    Currently, over 200 authentic parts and tools are available at the online store. With these, Apple users will be able to repair issues with displays and cameras for the iPhone 12 and 13 series, as well as the 3rd generation iPhone SE, by themselves.

    Users can also visit the self repair stores, where they can buy genuine parts and ask for help from the technicians if they are ever in a bind. The available tool kits are the same as the ones they use in the Apple repair network. What does that mean? These tool kits are customised with each product in mind, providing the highest quality repairs for your device.

    As a bonus, you also get credits for returning parts for recycling. Amazing, right? Now we wait and hope for Apple to launch the iPhone Self Service Repair Program in India! Until then, our hope lies in the official Apple Stores that will soon open across the country. What are your thoughts on this new program? Will you give it a try if it comes to India?

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