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    Selfie Accidents On iOS 8 … Beware!

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Sep 20, 2015

    We all love to pout and pose to take a selfie! Sure, it is fun and a ridiculously harmless activity, but not when it happens unintentionally, which seems to be the unfortunate side effect of Apple’s latest update. If your iPhone has iOS 8, then you should probably know a thing or two about how to avoid accidental selfies!

    The iMessage in the recently-updated operating system allows users to send videos and voice notes that expire unless you choose to save them. This added feature is highly similar to that of SnapChat. But that isn’t all.

    If you choose to save a video, you have to tap the camera button. You will find the usual options – ‘Choose from Camera Roll’ or ‘Take Photo or Video’. If you hold the button for long, then two additional buttons appear on the screen – the first button is a camera and the second one is a circular record button in red.

    So, you can either press the camera record button or just slide your finger over to any of those buttons to take a video or a photo. Though iMessage lets you check the message before sending it to the other person, such is not the case with pictures.

    As soon as your finger releases the camera button, the photo automatically gets clicked and sent away. So the next time, you are toying with iMessage, make sure you are careful when reaching for the camera shortcut.

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