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    iPhone 12 Event

    All the Products that We Expect to See at the iPhone 12 Launch Event

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Oct 8, 2020

    Apple has sent out official invites for the iPhone 12 launch event that’s going to be held on the 13th of October. Yes, it’s odd to get the iPhone event in October instead of September, but hey, better late than never . And we at least got to see the launch of the new Watch Series and the next generation of the iPad Air in September.

    As per reports, the new iPhones were delayed due to the slowdown in the component industry caused by the worldwide lockdowns because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Apple has been ramping up production and supply chains to cater to the demands for their new smartphone models from last month. Apart from launching new iPhones, we expect Apple to unveil some other interesting products as well. Read on to find out what to expect on the 13th of this month.

    iPhone 12

    The first and the most anticipated launch by Apple is going to be the next generation of iPhone. Apple has been giving us three new smartphones since the Xs Series. Last year the Cupertino giant introduced the ‘Pro’ nameplate for iPhones by launching a 5.8” 11 Pro, a 6.5” 11 Pro Max, and a 6.1” entry-level offering called the iPhone 11.

    However, this year Apple is planning to launch four new iPhone models, two of which will be from the ‘Pro’ family. The tech giant is planning to axe the 5.8-inch size completely and is planning to make way for a new 5.4-inch iPhone expected to be called the “Mini.” The other three devices will consist of a 6.5” 12 Pro Max variant and two 6.1-inch variants that will be called iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. 

    Despite having updated cameras and other hardware components, the next generation of iPhones will sport the new A14 Bionic Chipset that debuted with the iPad Air 4. In contrast, the new 12 Pro Max is expected to get the LiDAR sensor camera. All four smartphones will be 5G ready and get the sharp-edged design similar to the iPhone 4 and iPad Pro models.

    AirPods Studio

    Another device that could make it to the October event is the AirPods Studio. We have been hearing rumours of the new over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones by Apple for quite some time now. The new AirPods Studio headphones will have a round-shaped design and detachable ear-cups. While Apple has removed similar-looking headphones by other brands from their stores, the launch of the AirPods Studios is expected soon.

    The Studio will mark Apple’s entry into the premium headphone market, the new AirPods will not have any left or right marking and can be worn any-way around. “Hey, Siri” voice commands can be used to summon the voice assistant, and the new Bluetooth device will have an automatic ear-detection sensor to play/pause music when the headphones are kept aside.

    New Apple TV

    We expect the launch of the new Apple TV 4K streaming box this October. The new device is going to have a new processor and an updated remote control. Rumours suggest Apple is planning to enable game-controller compatibility with a TV box which makes sense as the Apple Arcade gaming services can be availed with the Apple TV.

    Mini HomePod

    With the rising popularity of voice-controlled home speakers, and its entrance into the various segments of the market, a mini version of the HomePod could be launched alongside the iPhone 12 models. The smaller HomePod will have all the features similar to its bigger sibling but will miss out on higher volume outputs. The Mini HomePod will be cheaper and have the same design elements in a smaller size.


    AirTags are a Bluetooth-enabled device that’s designed to look like a small piece of a tile. The new device from Apple is capable of tracking small items like keys, wallets, etc. The AirTags need to be placed on the items and can be tracked using your iPhones.

    While all the above-mentioned devices are intriguing, I am super excited to see the new iPhones. I hope Apple includes new colour options, similar to the ones seen on the new iPad Air and the Watch Series 6. A dark-blue iPhone Pro would look great.

    We at AppleSutra will be covering all the action from Apple’s new event Live on Instagram and Twitter. So join on Tuesday at 10:30 pm!

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