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    iPhone 13 colour option

    Which iPhone 13 Colour Is Right for You? Let’s Discuss!

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    With five new iPhone 13 colour options to choose from, it isn’t easy to select a favourite. Some of our team members were also confused, which naturally led to a thorough discussion on each colour’s merits. So, if you, like us, cannot decide which iPhone 13 hue to put your money on, our guide will help you select the best colour option from the 2021 iPhone 13 series.

    Which iPhone Colour is the Best?

    You can grab the iPhone 13 in a shade of Pink, Blue, Midnight, Starlight, or Product Red. While the Pink is a lovely pastel colour, the lighter Blue is much nicer to look at than the iPhone 12’s darker shade. The Midnight is the traditional Black, and Starlight is a slightly different take on White.

    On the other hand, the Product Red has a nice darker blood-like effect and feels true to the original darker Product Red, unlike the iPhone 11 and 12 that felt more orangish. Read on to identify which colour suits you the best and which one is our pick among the five iPhone 13 colour options.

    The Pink

    The Pink iPhone

    A hit among the ladies, the Pink shade in the iPhone 13 looks stunning and premium. The nicely crafted aluminium frame also highlights the brilliant pastel hue. Furthermore, we found the Pink got less stained with fingerprint marks in comparison to the darker colours.

    The Blue

    The Blue iPhone

    Extremely unlike the dark navy Blue that debuted on the iPhone 12, the iPhone 13’s Blue is lighter and definitely looks better than its predecessor. Personally, the iPhone 13’s Blue appeals to me a lot more than any other colour.

    The Midnight

    The Midnight iPhone

    If you like darker shades, you cannot go wrong with the Midnight colour option on the iPhone 13. Black is one shade that Apple has always kept going. Be it in the form of Space Grey, Black, Graphite, or the latest Midnight. The dark hue has always been a part of the iPhone. You can easily say that Apple has stuck with a Black colour option on every iPhone due to the strong demand.

    The Starlight

    The Starlight iPhone

    Starlight is Apple’s take on a mixture of the White and Gold iPhone 13. The back glass has a lovely whiteish effect, and the sides have been finished in a shade of beige. At first glance, the Starlight might appear absolute White, but as you notice the light bouncing off in various angles, you’ll notice the inclusion of beige. The Starlight iPhone 13 colour option is nothing like we’ve seen before, and it makes the iPhone 13 stunningly unique.

    Product Red

    The Red iPhone

    iPhone 13’s red resembles the nice dark hue of red last seen on the iPhone XR. I’m personally inclined towards this colour as my last iPhone XR was a Product Red device. And choosing the Product Red not only makes your iPhone stand out but also has the feel-good factor since Apple contributes in the Global Fund to combat COVID-19 on every purchase of a Product Red device.

    Our Pick

    iPhone 13 Colour

    Pastel and light colour lovers will appreciate the Pink and Starlight. The Pink and Starlight are unique shades and add a premium feel, largely due to the superbly finished matte aluminium frame. Distinct from the previous generation iPhone, the Blue iPhone 13 is also pretty appealing and has a great finish. And if you want to play safe, you can never go wrong with the Midnight. As mentioned earlier, Product Red is similar to the one last seen on the XR. Thus, it probably doesn’t stand out as much as it used to.

    The diagonal rear camera set-up on the iPhone 13 has an instant recognition factor, but we still would choose either the Pink or the Starlight to really stand out from the crowd. As for others, we would pick the Blue iPhone over the Product Red and Midnight. What’s your pick? Tell us which iPhone 13 colour option you like the most in the comments below.

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