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    iPhone 13 leaks

    Round-Up of Latest iPhone 13 Leaks & Rumours You Needed In Your Life (+ iPhone SE 3)

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Aug 1, 2021

    Doesn’t it feel like the iPhone 12 launched only a while ago? That was almost a year ago, and here we are, gearing up for the iPhone 13 release date in India. As we are nearing the launch of a new iPhone, we’ve got some recent iPhone 13 leaks and rumours that may influence your decision to upgrade your current device to the upcoming iPhone.

    iPhone 13 Launch Date

    Usually, Apple gives us a new iPhone every fall. That’s around the end of September or the beginning of October. This brings us pretty close to the launch timeline right now. If rumours prove to be true, the next iPhone 13 launch date may be towards the end of September or early October. In the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, expect Apple’s fall event to be held virtually.

    Of course, we won’t know exact specifications until Apple holds the actual iPhone 13 launch event. Nevertheless, we do have reasons to believe that many of the iPhone 13 leaks may turn out to be true.

    Expected Specifications and Variants

    With the help of reliable sources and analysts, certain details of the upcoming iPhone have reached the Applesutra HQ. The new iPhone is expected to be slightly thicker than the ongoing iPhone 12 series. To put it in numbers, the upcoming iPhone is expected to be 7.57mm compared to the 12’s 7.4mm depth. The major reason behind the bump in depth figures is due to camera upgrades. More on that later! As we reported earlier, the iPhone 13 design might get a smaller notch.

    iPhone 13 leaks have also indicated a jump in performance. Apple is reportedly working on the A15 Bionic chip that’ll do duty on the next iPhone. We will know the exact difference between the A14 and A15 processors once the newer device is launched. But as per sources, the upcoming iPhone will have faster 5G connectivity and seamless multitasking.

    Apart from the difference in depth measures, the iPhone 13 leaks have reported a similar form factor to the iPhone 12. However, we do expect the upcoming iPhone 13 to be offered in new colour options. Storage capacities are likely to remain unchanged. We would want the regular iPhone 13 and mini models to increase the basic hard drive capacity to 128GB—now if only wishes came true.

    Speaking about variants, the next iPhone 13 will reportedly have four models. Following in the footsteps of the iPhone 12, the upcoming iPhone might be offered in a regular iPhone 13, a mini, and two Pro models. Unlike what we speculated in our previous report, the next iPhone might have a lightning port. MagSafe compatibility should be carried forward from the iPhone 12 line-up.

    Upgraded Display Technology and Battery Life

    Currently, all iPhone 12 models have OLED display technology but with a 60Hz refresh rate. We expect the upcoming iPhone 13 to get a 120Hz refresh rate. The higher refresh rate isn’t new to Apple devices; iPad Pro models are offered with a ProMotion display. That’s capable of chunking out 120Hz.

    The OLED display from the iPhone 12 will most likely be carried forward, which is actually a good thing. The displays of all four models of the iPhone 12 are simply brilliant. You won’t see us complaining!

    Since there’s going to be an improved Bionic chip in the new iPhone, expect Apple to increase battery life as well. Though the current iPhone can easily last a day, the upcoming model might show slight improvements.

    Camera Updates

    As mentioned earlier, the next iPhone is rumoured to be thicker largely due to bigger cameras. The bigger bump probably means improved photography! Right now, Apple offers two ultra-wide and wide lenses on the iPhone 12 and mini, and an additional telephoto unit on the Pro models. Also, the Pro models get the LiDAR scanner.

    In good rumoured Apple news, all four iPhone 13 variants are expected to get the LiDAR scanner. Also, the wider lenses on the upcoming device might support higher resolution images, especially in night mode.

    The Return of Touch ID on iPhone

    We have some iPhone 13 leaks suggesting the return of Touch ID. However, it’s not yet clear whether the fingerprint biometric sensor will be embedded in the display or placed on the power button. If Apple decides to go ahead with fingerprint sensors, having an in-display scanner will be an Apple-first.

    Keeping with Apple’s ultimate privacy philosophy, the Cupertino company is reportedly working on an in-display sensor that meets its security requirements. Will the research and development team be ready in time for the iPhone 13? We can’t wait to see.


    We expect the price of iPhone 13 in India to be similar to the current 2020 line-up. Per iPhone 13 leaks, expect the iPhone 13 to cost slightly more, if not the same.

    And there you have it, all the major information of the upcoming iPhone 13 we’ve gathered through leaks and rumours. We hope most of them materialise, but we won’t know until Apple launches the iPhone 13! But wait, before you go, we have some more iPhone news for you—especially for lovers of small factor phones.

    iPhone SE 3 Release Date Expected Around the Beginning of 2022

    Apple’s iPhone SE 3 might receive key upgrades towards the beginning of 2022. Analysts expect the next SE model to feature a 4.7-inch display with a Home Button. It looks like Apple is not yet done with its most loved smartphone size (thankfully!), and this move has always proved to be fruitful.

    An upgraded version of the single rear camera is rumoured to make its way to the next iPhone SE that may have improved performance. Recent iPhone leaks suggest the next SE might get battery life improvements. We also hope Apple will add MagSafe compatibility to the next SE as well.

    Also, the next iPhone SE 3 could be priced competitively since the Cupertino company plans to retain the tried and tested iPhone design. Apple might install the A14 Bionic chip in the iPhone SE 3. Since the next SE 3 may borrow the processor from the iPhone 12, perhaps we could expect the SE 2022 to offer 5G capabilities?

    To Conclude

    Both the next iPhone 13 and SE are highly anticipated devices when it comes to upcoming Apple products. All the iPhone 13 leaks and SE rumours will become clearer as we near the launch timelines. Until then, stay tuned to Applesutra for all the latest developments. And do let us know if you think retaining the same old iPhone design on the SE 3 is a good idea or not.

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