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    Damn, Look at the Camera Bump on iPhone 14

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    Four months into the year, and we’re slowly getting closer to getting our peak at the upcoming iPhone 14 – which, if we believe the leaks and rumours, will bring a major refresh in design.

    Of course, we’re all curious about what it will look like and whether it will really do away with the notch.

    Well, recently, a Weibo user shared an image that apparently contain the moulds of the iPhone 14 models. Have a look:

    All we have to say is: Damn, look at that camera bump. And we thought the 13s were bad enough!

    The post also mentioned that the new iPhone series will come with the pill + hole design that’s been the talk of Apple town for a while. Another thing to note in these iPhone 14 moulds is that there are only two sizes – 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch – and no mini model.

    Anyway, it’s just another one of the iPhone 14 leaks, and not one from a very credible source either, so don’t go trusting it. Still, if it turns out to be true, what would your reaction be? Love the camera upgrade, hate the tacky design, or don’t really care either way? Hit us up in the comments.

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