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    Mac facial recognition

    Ready for Face ID Takeover? Soon You Might See It in All Apple Devices

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Jul 27, 2021

    As per the latest Power On newsletter by Mark Gurman, Apple might be planning on introducing Face ID technology to almost every device. According to him, cost-cutting measures are the only thing keeping Apple from introducing facial recognition technology in other models. Also, Mac facial recognition is currently not possible due to the ultra-thin screens on MacBooks.

    Bringing Face ID to Mac and iPad

    Gurman believes that the iPhone SE 3, future MacBooks, and even non-Pro iPads might support Face ID by 2022. “I think implementing Face ID in all of its major devices is the company’s ultimate goal,” he says. He also mentions that the screens on the current MacBooks are too thin to embed the necessary depth camera for Face ID.

    Of course, this isn’t the first time we’re hearing plans for Mac facial recognition technology. Last year, we reported that there was a reference to TrueDepth camera in the macOS Big Sur developer beta code.

    Embedded Cameras on iPhone Displays

    Both Gurman and reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believe that the 2022 line-up of the iPhone will receive a major redesign. According to them, Apple will ditch the notch that has been around since the iPhone X. In place of the notch, the Cupertino company may introduce a punch-hole display.

    An embedded camera in the screen will certainly differentiate future iPhones from the current generation models. Facial recognition is easily the most convenient option for unlocking your iPhone, aside from the security benefits and AR features. So, it would be pretty great if Apple got rid of the ugly notch while also giving us Face ID.
    Although updated MacBook Pro models are expected soon, Mac’s facial recognition feature will probably not be here just yet. However, future MacBook Air and Pro models may feature TrueDepth cameras like the audience wants!

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