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    MacBook Pro 13 Inch Review

    With The New MacBook Pro Launch Date Close: Here’s What to Expect

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Jul 18, 2021

    Earlier, Apple included the 13-inch MacBook Pro in the first computers that ditched Intel’s chipset for their inherent M-processor. However, the 16-inch Pro laptop didn’t get the “M” treatment. Nevertheless, the entire range of MacBook Pro models is in for upgrades shortly, and the next MacBook Pro launch date is closer than expected. Recent leaks hint towards a timeline of Q3 of 2021 rather than Q1 of 2022 as previously expected.

    MacBook Pro News: What to Expect?

    We’re expecting to see the next MacBook Pro line-up in the next couple of months. In recent MacBook Pro news, rumours have surfaced that the Cupertino company is redesigning the MacBook Pro models in line with Apple’s latest design philosophy. This could be the biggest upgrade for Apple’s Pro models in a long time.

    The upcoming MacBook Pro models are expected to feature something akin to the “M1X processor”, a more powerful version of the current generation of Mac chipset. But that’s not all! Below is a detailed look at what’s reportedly coming to the next MacBook Pro.

    Redesigned MacBook Pro Models

    Keeping in line with the latest sharp-edged design featured in the iPhone 12, iMac 24-inch, and iPad Pro devices, the next MacBook Pro might carry forward the same look. Due to the flatter edges, we can expect to see thinner bezels in the upcoming MacBook Pro, and an increase in the screen size to 14 and 16 inches using Mini-LED display technology.

    Also, the upcoming Pro laptop might witness the reintroduction of the MagSafe charging port. There are also talks that Apple will add SD card and HDMI ports again. And what a triumphant return would that be! Possible removal of the infamous Touch Bar will differentiate the current MacBook Pro models from its successor. However, the upgraded laptops would probably still include the headphone jack.

    Power Enhancements

    A more powerful version of the Apple M1 processor is expected to do duty on both the upcoming MacBook Pro models. Insiders expect the next generation processor to be known as M1X. However, many believe that the next iteration could instead be badged M2. Nevertheless, as Shakespeare once said, “What’s in a name?”

    Power enhancements may not be limited to a mere processor change. The upcoming MacBook Pro models could support eight high-performance cores and two high-efficiency cores with a massive configurable 64GB of RAM. Graphics interface improvements may come in the form of either a 16- or 32-core machine. The soon-to-be launched Pro laptops could witness a further bump in battery life that has already set industry-leading standards. Especially when it comes to the M1 installed MacBook Air and 13-inch Pro models.

    Expected MacBook Pro Launch Date

    The only drawback in believing the rumours is the current chip shortage that has gripped the entire IT industry. Hence, companies like Apple are struggling to meet their current demand. However, if not within a couple of months, the next MacBook Pro launch date could be pushed towards the end of the year.

    Apple has proven the power of its M1-based Mac. It has surpassed benchmarks we could’ve never imagined in comparison to its Intel-based predecessors. Further upgrades could only mean the future for Macs looks extremely bright.

    That’s all from me, for now. The stage is yours! I’d love to hear about your views on Apple’s transition from Intel and what you expect from the next generation of the MacBook Pro models.

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