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    Upcoming MacBook Pro

    Upcoming MacBook Pro Models Enter Mass Production Ahead of Fall Apple Event

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Aug 15, 2021

    As we come closer to the launch date of the upcoming MacBook Pro models, some exciting news has arrived for MacBook lovers. According to DigiTimes, the upcoming Apple product has entered into mass production. If we are to believe reports, the next MacBook Pro by Apple will feature a mini-LED display.

    Incoming: New MacBook Pro

    As reported earlier, we’re expecting the upcoming MacBook Pro model to get a larger display size despite retaining the same form factor. We’re also expecting the next MacBook Pro to align with the latest Apple design philosophy of sharper edges and thinner bezels.

    Rumours say the upcoming MacBook Pro models will be available in new 14 and 16-inch display sizes. You can also expect the next Pro laptops from Apple to provide a brighter and crispier mini-LED display. The updated iPad Pro models were one of the first Apple products to sport the latest display technology.

    As a part of exciting upgrades, the next generation of the MacBook Pro will most likely have an updated Apple Silicon processor installed. The updated processor might possibly be called M1X or M2. Apple may also do away with the infamous Touch Bar and reintroduce MagSafe charging capabilities along with added ports.

    Apple MacBook Pro 2021: Expected Launch Date

    Each year, Apple announces new products in its fall event. The tech giant is probably going to launch the next-generation MacBook Pro alongside the upcoming iPhone 13. Since the next MacBook Pro has reportedly entered production, the next model might launch in late September or early October.

    Still, I’m hoping Apple doesn’t clutter the next iPhone launch event with too many products. A separate MacBook-only event either before or after the launch of the iPhone 13 will be great. No matter when the Cupertino company launches the next MacBook Pro, it’s definitely one of the most awaited upcoming Apple products.

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