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Mac India

The Mac currently comes in three main categories

Apple has not updated a lot of these models for quite some time, while on the other hand, they have made some of the Mac models obsolete.

Prices and Competition

The Macs have historically dominated their global markets and on an average face less competition than, say, the iPhone or the iPad. That’s not the case in India, though.

Prices continue to be a huge drawback for Macs in India. Apple products usually cost more in India than their western counterparts. Which is a big setback as the desktop and laptop space in India is saturated with low cost alternatives. The newer Macs are only going to complicate this problem with their huge price tags.


All the new Macs come preloaded with Apple’s latest macOS Sierra 10.12.4. The OS has been redesigned to be more in tune with the iOS both in terms of design and functionality.

The app store also continues to be a huge selling point for the Macs. Apple’s biggest rival in desktop space, Microsoft, takes a huge beating when it comes to the number (and variety) of apps on offer for the desktop. Here’s a look at our favourite Mac apps from 2016. Or, perhaps you’ll be interested in the best Menu Bar apps for Mac.

Taking Care of Data

When it comes to data, you can never be too careful. Although there aren’t really any big threats of malware when it comes to Mac, it’s still our responsibility to take all the protective measures.

We have done extensive guides on how to protect your data and move it safely to a new system. Here are just a few of them:

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